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Valentine Target
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 24
Arc Valentine arc
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Valentine Target is the 139th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko experiences birthday gift and chocolate dilemmas over Ren.

Chapter Summary

Mimori appears in Sho's dressing room to give him Valentine's Day chocolates a little early since she's going to be working on the 14th. She's dismayed she's not the only one who did this. Sho tells her she has to accept that, or he won't accept her chocolates.

Kyoko apologizes to Ren before Yashiro and Itsumi. Apparently, she'd grabbed a long-outdated LME talent directory that had misprinted Ren's birthday. She's planned his gift for the 19th instead of the 10th. Yashiro feels disappointed for Ren's sake that Kyoko doesn't have a birthday gift for him, but is happy to realize that she'd planned one. Kyoko explains that it should arrive in the mail on the 13th, so she can give it to him on the 14th.

Yashiro realizes that Ren doesn't feel disappointed at all when he asks Kyoko to smile on his birthday. Ren's face is glowing, and Yashiro accepts that he's so in love that Ren must just be happy he gets to see her that day since it's been awhile.

Kyoko feels exhausted from having been made to bask in Ren's "heavenly smile." She wonders if Ren gives everyone that expression on his birthday. Any other girl would assume it meant he had feelings for her and then give him chocolates on Valentine's Day. He must get so many that he accepts but doesn't eat—especially since Kyoko can't picture him eating sweets. She feels grateful that she didn't get him chocolates, then shakes herself because it's a birthday gift she's giving him on the 14th, not a Valentine. However, she does have to make chocolates for Reino.

Kyoko decides that if she makes chocolates for everyone she's obliged to, Reino's will simply be leftovers. As she makes her list, she stumbles over Ren's name on it.

Yashiro and Ren go over the fact that every year he accepts all the chocolates but never eats them, not because he doesn't like them but because he'll feel guilty for not eating the gifts from everyone. Yashiro asks Ren what he'll do if Kyoko gives him chocolates. Ren is startled to realize that this is a possibility.

Kyoko looks sad, but she's made up her mind. Ren's name is crossed off her chocolates list.

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