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Vivid Walker
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 23
Arc Natsu's arc
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Vivid Walker is the 137th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko explains how she's now a better actress because of Chiori. Chiori begins to heal.

Chapter Summary

As she stares at Kyoko, who while lost in thought, is smiling with such radiance and joy, Chiori recalls Director Anna's words to her. That Director Okuya from the Scarlet Dice was always watching her, hoping she would return to who she was before. She remembers that when she was young and she would have had similar expression on her face to Kyoko's when it came to acting. Chiori realizes she has been scared of acting wholeheartedly for fear of the same thing happening thus she lost the love she once felt for it. Director Okuya must have realized she didn't love acting anymore or find it fun as she recalls being turned away from job after job as a child. She also realizes that the reason why she was concerned with being an actress was that she still couldn't let go of her past fame and pride. But at the same time didn't want anyone to know it was her by going as far to change her stage name and debuted all over again. She lets out a little laugh at her own foolishness.

Chiori who has been silent all this time, causes a concerned Kyoko to approach her. Chiori tells Kyoko that it was her own skill she sensed, and she had nothing to do with it. Kyoko protests that it started with the name plate that she tore up. This causes Chiori to jolt in surprise that Kyoko knew it was her. Kyoko admits she would never have suspected Chiori as she cheered her on, gave her advice and is very good person. However Natsu knew in an instant that it had been her. "It's not impossible if it's Yumika because she's just like me". It was the first time a character gushed out naturally despite what Kyoko was thinking and Chiori triggered it.

Chiori recalls first reading the Box "R" script and the thought crossing her mind that of the four girls; Natsu and Yumika were the most similar, with the way they hide their dark emotions and let their feelings loose. She got chills from it because both Natsu & Yumika were just too similar to her own personality. That's why she never wanted to play the role seriously for she was scared of another experience like the Akari one...

Kyoko returns the hate note. She tells Chiori that she knew how she felt about Akari because of her own role with Mio. But Mio is a part of her now, and Kyoko could never deny it. Chiori recalls Kyoko's line as Natsu and finds solace in her words. "Because for you and I, this [gestures to her mind] and this [gestures to her heart] are made of different qualities". She knows that they are Natsu's lines not Kyoko's and she probably never meant for her to feel like this but the words make her admit the truth of the matter. "It's just like you said"

Time passes. Kyoko, with her hand now healed, is relating the news to Hikaru as they fetch the calorie bomb okonomi anpan. Apparently Mako asks that the other actresses not to go easy on her in the real take having felt pleased at being praised by the director that her performance was as good as the leads. Chiori has a complicated expression, then tells her not to go easy on her either. Kyoko muses that Chiori's acting drastically improved after that to the point where Yumika was a better right arm to Natsu than Kaori. Kyoko hopes that Chiori has left the pain of her past behind her and rediscovered how fun acting is.

Something catches at the corner of Kyoko's eye... a bright pink uniform and long dark hair. She gets excited, thinking Moko is there. But when she chases after the young woman, she slowly realizes it's not Moko. The young woman is too short but she is definitely wearing a Love Me uniform. She turns around and much to Kyoko's shock...

It's Chiori.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Chiori Amamiya (Yumika)
  2. Kyoko Mogami (Natsu Kitazawa)
  3. Kazutoyo Anna
  4. Directors refusing to give Chiori a role
  5. Box "R" Crew and staff
  6. Mako Yanogiori
  7. Mako Yanogiori's manager
  8. Box "R" Production Assisstant
  9. Honami Makino
  10. Yuka Sudo
  11. Hikaru Ishibashi
  12. TBM Studios Cafeteria employee - sells Okonomi Anpan to Hikaru
  13. TBM Studios Cafeteria employee #2
  14. LME Employees


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