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Medium Blast
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Character/s in the cover Reino
Volume 23
Arc Natsu's arc
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Medium Blast is the 134th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko double-talks to Chiori through their roles as Natsu and Yumika in order to coach her into improving herself.

Chapter Summary

Kazutoyo points out to Kyoko that Kaori is closest to Natsu. Kyoko explains that Kaori could take Natsu's place when necessary and isn't a gofer. Kyoko assures the director that she'll still be scary and the leader of the group, even with Yumika doing the bullying in her place.

Makino sighs and tells Sudo that she can't keep up with Kyoko. She'd resolved to be in character as Kaori as often as Kyoko is in character as Natsu. She's embarrassed but can't put her finger on the emotion.

The comment about the right hand being a disposable gofer seems to make Chiori flash back to something from her childhood.

The girls improvise a scene with the cameras rolling, which plot wise is the moment Natsu reveals a plan to start bullying Chitose because she's bored with their current target. In character, Natsu taunts Yumika with a crumpled and refolded note. Chiori recognizes it as one of her hate messages from the TV studio. She also taunts her with her past, equating bullying with being afraid to get dirty, but saying to Chiori, "That mud will stay with you forever."

Natsu calls herself better than Yumika, which is really Kyoko using Chiori's jealousy of her success to motivate her to try harder. Chiori makes an attempt to snatch the paper out of Kyoko's hand, but Kyoko is too quick for her. Natsu tells Yumika she'll get it back if she brings out her A-game, and makes her enjoy bullying the old target. She'll even give her a dogeza-style apology.

Chiori slips into character as a scary Yumika, and everyone but Kyoko is taken aback.

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