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The “Right Hand” That Can't Defy Her
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 23
Arc Natsu's arc
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The “Right Hand” That Can't Defy Her is the 133rd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko discovers Chiori's hate scribbles and as Natsu comes up with a plan.

Chapter Summary

From the bottom of the stairs, Hikaru shouts Kyoko's name in alarm. He attempts to catch her and break her fall, but the self-preservation Kyoko engages in makes her roll down the stairs to his side instead.

Kyoko starts worrying about having shook up the soda, and Hikaru admonishes her because he's more concerned about finding out how badly she's hurt.

Chiori feels exposed because their eyes met. She never expected Kyoko to flip around like that. Chiori knows she must have been hurt, and now Kyoko will tell the director on her for sure.

Experiencing a twinge in her wrist that she ignores, Kyoko finds one of Chiori's crumpled hate messages on the floor. It had fallen out of Chiori's purse earlier. It also happens to be specifically aimed at Kyoko. Hikaru wants to know if it belonged to the girl who pushed her, and if Kyoko can tell who it is from the note. He's shocked when Kyoko declines his offer to describe the girl so that they can identify her. Is Kyoko going to just let her go?

"Of course not," Kyoko/Natsu says to him, smiling at the note. "I'm going to have so much fun with this. Will you please keep quiet about this? This girl is mine."

Hikaru is flustered when Kyoko looks at him with Natsu's expressions and presses a finger to her lips, particularly after she suggests it be a secret between them. He follows her, temporarily dumbstruck by attraction, to head back to the other Bridge Rock members, Yuusei and Shinichi, who've been waiting a long time. Natsu, however, gets shocked out of Kyoko when she spots the destroyed bean paste buns on the stairs. Hikaru slightly recovers, but not completely.

While Kyoko attempts to pick up the mess, blaming herself—Hikaru had dropped all the sandwiches in his attempt to catch her—her right wrist twinges in pain again. She lies when Hikaru notices.

The next day, Chiori arrives on the Box "R" set full of trepidation, only to hear the director yelling at Kyoko for being so clumsy as to fall down the stairs and hurt herself. Kyoko's wrist is bandaged, and she's under doctor's orders to use it as little as possible. Kazutoyo is dismayed that shooting is going to be delayed again, but Kyoko suggests that they can keep shooting because Natsu is the leader of the bullies. She can designate one of the other girls to be her right hand. Kyoko as Natsu points to Chiori.

"Yumika. You'll do just fine."

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