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Their Eyes Meet
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 22
Arc Natsu's arc
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Their Eyes Meet is the 132nd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko and Chiori both learn more about each other through scuttlebutt at the TV station. How they handle what they learned begins with a climactic moment at their next encounter.

Chapter Summary

Chiori's jealous resentment of Kyoko is only increased when she finds out that Japonet Scope, the show she's currently guest-starring on, featured Kyoko the previous year. She's too engrossed in this negativity to even appreciate that Japonet is getting behind promoting her as well.

Kyoko's trying to figure out if Chiori was the child actress who got burned on set, noticing that while the names are different, both actresses use a kanji character for "heaven" in their name.

Hikaru continues to explain that the child actress, Akari, got fewer and fewer offers because the roles were too similar to the iconic one she played when she got burned. He gets philosophical that show business is scary when a hit role can also be a disadvantage, and then becomes concerned that Kyoko's experiencing that exact thing. Kyoko denies, and inwardly she genuinely feels that she's been gradually getting rid of Mio's shadow. She tries to picture what her life would be like if that weren't the case. Then Kyoko's stomach starts rumbling loudly enough for Bridge Rock to notice.

Chiori is in an intense mode of negativity, scribbling hate onto sheets of paper ripped out of her notebook.

Hikaru and Kyoko go off to get food from the cafeteria and drinks from the vending machines. There's some comical confusion and horror on Kyoko's part about the proper ingredients and appearance of an okonomi bean paste bun, and what actually gets made in the cafeteria.

Chiori gets a call on her cell phone from Yoshimoto that a production assistant is looking for her because they're ready to have her on the air. Chiori comes out of where she was hiding and sees Kyoko, alone, carrying canned drinks toward the stairs.

Kyoko is still feeling weak from the training and not having eaten well. She feels that she needs to cut back a bit to keep Natsu's figure, even though Natsu wouldn't hesitate to eat anything.

Chiori's resentment of Kyoko spikes when she realizes that her other regular job is at at TV station. Kyoko doesn't sense Chiori until the very last second before Chiori shoves her down the stairs. Somehow, Kyoko manages to bring out Natsu's character. Full of attitude and purpose, she makes direct eye contact with Chiori as she falls.

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