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The Mirror Image Surfaces
Chapter 131.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 22
Arc Natsu's arc
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The Mirror Image Surfaces is the 131st chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Chiori begins to bully Kyoko, but Kyoko is unimpressed while she continues to bond with Makino and Sudo. Later, Kyoko is given the pieces to discover Chiori's dark secret.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko, Makino, and Sudo discover that someone took down Kyoko's dressing room sign and tore it to pieces. Makino immediately defends herself, but Kyoko calls her silly assuming she'd be automatically blamed. She doesn't know who did it, but Kyoko shrugs it off for now, in a manner that reminds Makino of one of Natsu's lines in the show.

Still using Natsu's mannerisms, Kyoko invites Makino and Sudo out to join her in eating at an outdoor ramen stand. She's curious to experience cold weather dining. In her head, Sudo is completely against the idea and is shocked when Makino accepts.

They separate to change into their own clothes, and alone, Kyoko thinks for a moment and then chuffs. She knows who pulled the bullying prank on her dressing room sign.

Yoshimoto drops Chiori off at home, full of encouragement about her changes for the director. Chiori continues to think poison at her manager, the director, and especially Kyoko. She decides that if her changes are wrong, then everyone will turn on Kyoko for making them change in the first place.

Sudo, Makino, and Kyoko are all actually having a good time together at the ramen stand.

The next day, ready to sabotage Kyoko's new dressing room sign, Chiori is startled to discover a note for herself from Kyoko behind it. It's signed by Natsu, who advises that the prank was only worth a token 5 points out of friendship, and to try to be more creative next time and earn 100 points. Chiori wonders if Kyoko knows it was her but dismisses the idea for she has never shown Kyoko any outward hostility.

Director Kazutoyo is disappointed that Chiori made her looks more mature, since he wanted her to be the cute one. He also acknowledges that since she focused on her appearance, then she probably didn't think about how to change her acting. Since both she and Kyoko are going to be leaving early, this puts them even further behind schedule. Chiori asks if Kyoko's leaving for Dark Moon, and is full of resentment to discover that Kyoko has yet another regular job.

Kazutoyo calls for make-up, a woman named Kotani, to change Chiori's hairstyle to an updo to make her cute again, but Chiori emphatically refuses, causing a bit of a scene. Makino and Sudo understand and fill Kyoko in on what's going on. Kotani told them that Chiori has a burn scar on the back of her neck.

Backstage at TBM, Bridge Rock is pop quizzing each other on their upcoming guest while pushing Kyoko around on a wide-bottomed dolly. Apparently as soon as she left the stage, her leg muscles finally gave in to fatigue after all the modeling training and being in character. Concerned, they forced her onto the dolly to let her rest.

While Kyoko slowly gets to her feet and walks again, Bridge Rock continues to discuss trivia on one of the movies their guest was in ten years earlier. Kyoko learns of an accidental fire on the set through which the 6-year-old actress kept going, though she later was scarred on the back of her neck from the burns. The same place where Chiori has a burn...

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