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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 22
Arc Natsu's arc
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Turnabout is the 130th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko wins over Honami and Yuka, but further enrages Chiori.

Chapter Summary

Staring at Kyoko's new Natsu, Chiori is aghast. She didn't want something so good. She wanted to be able to prove to the Director Kazutoyo and the others that Kyoko's opinion was useless. While Honami tries to redirect the blame for the lost bow back at Kyoko, Chiori isn't looking at the costume manager or Honami but at Kyoko/Natsu. Honami's excuses trail off. Kyoko/Natsu is smiling at them serenely but then the smile turns dangerous. Chiori feels the change in the atmosphere.

All of the Box "R" crew are looking on by now. Kyoko/Natsu smirks and accepts that it may be as Honami said. If she didn't look hard enough she better search again. She walks over to Honami and the other girls, invading Honami's personal space. Frightened, Honami backs up only to be stopped by one of the desk props. Natsu is just too cool when she slowly reaches out to touch Honami's bow. She then shocks everyone when she suddenly rips it off, still smiling. She slowly and purposefully drops the ribbon to the ground and opens Honami's top button. Natsu then poses beside Honami and claims that without the lost bow, this will do, since together they are friends. She asks the director if this look works; if not, Kaori will help her go look for the ribbon. Honami looks scared to the bone as everyone waits for Kazutoyo's answer.

The girls line up with no ribbons, and this time it's Chiori who is not fitting in. The Director and the PA feel that she is forcing herself to match Natsu and the others. Its weird because they were not getting this feeling from her before Kyoko changed. Kazutoyo asks her to change her style so as not create a mismatch with the others. Chiori is taken aback at the request and infuriated. Kazutoyo decides to go for the no ribbon look because it will create more impact in the bullying scenes. Yuka wonders, but doesn't say aloud, if they change their look now they'll have to reshoot the scenes they've already done. She can't decide if the director is brilliant or just the opposite.

Honami asks Kyoko why she didn't rat on her to the director. Kyoko, as Natsu, answers that it's because they are friends and they'll take care of their own problems. However if it had been anyone else she would have sold them out immediately. They'd both gotten worked up but now it's time to cool off and talk things over. She really wants to know Kaori's feelings in her own words. Honami is struck dumb.

Chiori is not happy that Kyoko's Natsu actually works. The fact that she is now the odd one out makes her dark feelings towards Kyoko worse. She is in such a rage in her dressing room that she scares her manager, Yoshimoto, away. She'd asked the director privately why he was letting Kyoko change Natsu, and Kazutoyo admits that it's because it's better than his original idea. She is further infuriated by his easy-going ways for she had been counting on him to crush Kyoko if she went against him. Kazutoyo had also given her some metaphorical direction to enhance the vibe of her character Yumika to be more fitting with Natsu's vibe. Chiori is so enraged that she has to change her character to suit Kyoko that she darkly vows to never forgive her.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Marumi Maruyama (Chiori's recollections)
  2. Chiori Amamiya
  3. Kyoko Mogami (Natsu Kitazawa)
  4. Honami Makino
  5. Kazutoyo Anna
  6. Yuka Sudo
  7. Box "R" Costume Manager
  8. Box "R" Crew and staff
  9. Box "R" Production Assistant
  10. Yoshimoto


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