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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 22
Arc Natsu's arc
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Switchover is the 128th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Chiori is caught up anticipating the result of her sabotage on Kyoko, but she's also hiding a secret. Honami impulsively plans her own sabotage on Kyoko. Kyoko makes her backstage debut as Natsu.

Chapter Summary

Before going to set that day Kyoko pulled out a necklace that has the Princess Rosa stone as its pendant. She put it on with an attitude unlike herself.

Chiori is writing in her journal about her hope that Kyoko will try to push her own version of Natsu at the director later that day. She goes downstairs where her manager, Yoshimoto, is waiting for her, and is not pleased to see a conversation with her mother happening. Her mother is very happy and hopeful, but gets dragged to the side by Chiori. Chiori hopes her mother didn't say anything weird; her mother claims she didn't.

Chiori worries about her manager becoming suspicious. Her manager talks about how well her career is going after only 4 years, but to Chiori's mom it seems longer. Chiori makes a bitter comment about some people making it big in less than a year, and Yoshimoto responds that Kyoko got lucky by being in the right place at the right time. Chiori hates the concept that acting has anything to do with luck, and hopes that Kyoko will lose her confidence and her job that day.

Outside the Box "R" set, Marumi Maruyama loses her hat to the wind, but an elegant female catches it and gracefully sets it back on her head without breaking stride. Marumi stares after her in befuddlement.

Costars Honami Makino and Yuka Sudo resent being asked to carry costumes to the dressing room. Honami decides to take advantage of the opportunity to sabotage Kyoko's costume.

The elegant female catches sight of her own reflection while walking down a hall and goes into the bathroom to touch up her makeup and hair, which seem to have been affected by the wind. She then proceeds to the dressing room labeled "Kyoko," where she's nearly hit by the door opening toward her. Yuka apologizes, then stares in shock—as does Honami. They take in the sight of the elegant female from the bridge of her nose down to her thigh.

This woman is Kyoko in her new Natsu appearance, which includes the Princess Rose necklace. Yuka and Honami try to come to terms with the extreme difference from "plain udon" Kyoko and the one they're seeing. Kyoko/Natsu casually strokes back her hair and wishes the two of them good morning.

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