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Private Exit
Chapter 127.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami, Ren Tsuruga and Yukihito Yashiro
Volume 22
Arc Natsu's arc
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Private Exit is the 127th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko is having trouble finding her role as Natsu for Box "R". She visits Ren to ask for some modeling advice. Fired up by Kyoko's complete faith in his abilities, Ren teaches her some modeling skills.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko is shivering from having waited outside so long for Ren to come home. Ren brings her inside to warm her up, and she requests that he teach her to walk and stand like a model. Ren explains that there are not only different kinds of models, but also that male and female models behave differently. Kyoko takes him by surprise by requesting, with absolute confidence in him, that he teach her to act like a female model.

Ren can't resist, in part because of her shining eyes, in part because he feels its a challenge he must live up to. He uses tape to create a straight line down the middle of the hallway outside his apartment door. [1] Mischievously, he bit by bit requests Kyoko to pose her limbs until he's made her look like famous signs in Japan. After he's had his fun, Ren claims he's trying to make Kyoko relax so that he can show her the techniques of the most dignified and beautiful female model he's met.[2] Luckily, her posture is already good, so a few tricks might be enough to get her there. They begin again with purpose and flair.

Yashiro arrives in the morning confused by the presence of the tape. Kyoko and Ren had only stopped training 2 hours earlier. Ren managed to get some sleep, but he doesn't think Kyoko—who stayed at his apartment for convenience's sake—managed to. Instead, Kyoko stayed up to handcraft something for Natsu, which she had just shown to Ren. Ren brings Yashiro into the guest room for Yashiro to see it, too, but Kyoko is fast asleep.

Yashiro and Ren discuss how quickly Kyoko will be able to find her Natsu after this. Ren has complete faith, since once Kyoko develops an interest in her role, it's scary how fast she can take off.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


  1. As established in the Dark Moon arc Act.069, Ren's apartment hallway is private.
  2. It is guessed that this is a reference to his mother.


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