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Dash toward Natsu!
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Character/s in the cover N/A (Kyoko Mogami and Marumi Maruyama)
Volume 21
Arc Natsu's arc
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Dash toward Natsu! is the 126th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko's coworkers are unhappy with her and one even sets up a sabotage.

At the end of the day, Kyoko struggles to figure out how to get her physical mannerisms closer to Natsu's.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko starts portraying Natsu the same way as Mio, and the crew and director praise her skills. Her costars converse with each other that it doesn't make sense for Natsu and Mio to be the same, but the director is calling the shots. In the meantime, they're unable to make their co-bullying characters rally behind Natsu because Mio is so unapproachable. One of the actresses, Honami Makino, who plays Natsu's best friend Kaori, complains that she's so sensitive an actress she can't get into her own role if other actors aren't properly in theirs.

Chiori Amamiya, the two-faced actress from the previous chapter, coaches Kyoko to go with her acting instinct and play Natsu different from Mio. Sometimes an actor needs to fight a director to protect a role. Chiori then approaches the director and informs him that Kyoko was complaining to her, and she advised her to always listen to the director. Chiori tells the director it didn't look like Kyoko was going to listen to her. The director resolves to crush Kyoko if she dares to challenge him with Natsu's portrayal again, much to Chiori's hidden satisfaction.

Kyoko has taken Chiori's advice to heart and worries that she lacks an actor's protective spirit because she gave in when she thought she was inconveniencing the cast and crew. She supposes that Ren would have fought for the role with the director, and that's why she felt terrible when she overheard someone referring to her as his protégé after the scene. Catching her own reflection, Kyoko sees that she stands like a waitress at an inn and not like an ordinary girl who can blend in with others. She tries out different poses however none of them seem right for Natsu nor do they look natural and would not blend in with the other girls poses. Kyoko catches herself posing as Sho, a narcissist, would. Disgusted she pulls out her voodoo dolls to pummel her Sho one in anguish while thinking she wants to give off an aura that every girl would admire like a leading fashion model! Kyoko's memory cinches in on the way Honoka was standing during her guest appearance at Yappa Kimagure Rock. Kyoko can't figure out how to mimic it without looking like she needs to go to the bathroom.

Kyoko remembers Kuu's advice to pay attention to all things around her so that she can reproduce them when necessary. Feeling like a failure, Kyoko scrambles for ideas on how she can learn a model's walk before shooting time the next day. She knows LME has a modelling section for she heard about it at the newcomer audition but it's independent and not part of the LME head office. She can't recall the location that was included in the LME guide book though. Even if she could look it up she has to film Dark Moon tomorrow. Wondering what to do she reaches into her bag again to withdraw the super life-like Ren Tsuruga doll and asks him that very same question. Gazing at the doll Kyoko is suddenly inspired.

Yashiro places a phone call to Ren, worried about Kyoko. It's late and he just received a phone call from her asking when Ren would be home. She abruptly hung up when he answered. He wants Ren to keep an eye out in case she shows up. He's worried because it's late at night and she was acting strangely desperate. Since trying to call her back doesn't even get a ring tone, Yashiro is beginning to become concerned that there was an accident while Kyoko was on the phone with him.

Ren is listening with increasing concern until he sees something. Telling Yashiro not to worry, Ren informs him that Kyoko is there: safe and cheerful as if nothing is wrong.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kyoko Mogami (Natsu Kitazawa)
  2. Marumi Maruyama (Chitose)
  3. Honami Makino (Kaori)
  4. Yuka Sudo (Tsugumi)
  5. Box "R" classmate extras
  6. Box "R" Crew and staff
  7. Kazutoyo Anna
  8. Chiori Amamiya
  9. Sho Fuwa (Kyoko's recollections)
  10. Honoka Ootomo (Kyoko's recollections)
  11. Kuu Hizuri (Kyoko's recollections)
  12. Ren Tsuruga
  13. Yukihito Yashiro


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