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Invincible Rose
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 21
Arc Natsu's arc
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Invincible Rose is the 122nd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko thanks Ren for scolding her and they head off to buy a vase for the rose. This leads to Ren telling Kyoko the legend of Princess Rosa, a princess found inside a rose called Queen Rosa. This is what she names the pink crystal Ren secretly put inside the rose.

Chapter Summary

Outside of Fuji TV, Kyoko bows deeply to Ren, thanking him for scolding her because it allowed her to calm down and get back to work. She also learned a lot from it and so she promises to always to do her best, causing Ren to smile at her warmly. Yashiro says at least she won't make the same mistake again even though she had a reason, she was probably depressed because the director yelled at her. Kyoko informs that it was because she didn't get yelled at that she was upset. This surprises both Ren and Yashiro. Kyoko couldn't believe it herself, she was late by a whole hour and the director didn't even ask for an explanation. She recalls entering the room for the Box "R" script meeting and the director just telling her to take a seat. Even after the rehearsal was over and she apologized profusely to him, he forgave her instantaneously and even wanted to discuss her role as Natsu. Due to this she wasn't able to apologize to the other cast members for they all had left.

Yashiro thinks that's just like Kyoko, for normally people would be glad if no one got mad. Kyoko says she would have preferred being yelled at in front of everyone because she wasn't, she started to worry and feel down about it. She desperately wanted someone to ruthlessly cut her down for the useless person she was but Director Ogata is too gentle. Not noticing that she had subtly insulted Ren, Kyoko continues laughing a little. Since Ren is never late, she hoped he would do it. Although she got cut in places she didn't expect, she was cheered up because his blade was so sharp and dead-on. Not only did he cheer her up but he gave her pointers in how to survive in showbiz: to cut while keeping the target alive, like a gardener. Ren actually likes her metaphor and they continue to discuss the benefits of pruning as they walk to the street. Yashiro is at a loss to determine whether the two of them are actually interested in bonsai trimming, but decides that he'll definitely not share it as a habit of Ren's with the public. Reaching the end of the street Ren offers Kyoko a lift home since it's so late. However Kyoko declines. She is heading in the other direction because she wants to go to the yorozuya—a DIY store, a dollar store and a convenience store all in one—which luckily is open 24 hours. Yashiro asks what she's shopping for. A little bit embarrassed, Kyoko confesses that she wants a vase.

At the yorozuya, Ren and Yashiro stare at the ornate vase she has chosen. Kyoko looks on it with awe. When asked if it's a over the top, Kyoko shakes her head. She believes only a vase that is "royalty class" will suit the "King of Roses" she got from Ren. Ren agrees that they do indeed suit each other. Satisfied Kyoko rushes off to buy it but stops when Ren tells her the rose's name isn't actually "king"—it's "queen." The rose is an English rose called Queen Rosa. Ren continues to tell her that the name is apparently based on a legend of an ancient English queen who was as beautiful as a blooming rose, and so was called Queen Rosa. Kyoko is enraptured as Ren continues telling of the daughter, Princess Rosa, while Yashiro doubts every word that Ren is saying. Ren tells that Princess Rosa died due to an accident near her favorite pond, "Spring of Mirrors." The queen grieved so much she cried herself to death near the pond and one day a rose started to bloom right where the queen had died and that's how the rose was named after her.

Teary-eyed, Kyoko is moved by the story. Ren says there's actually a happy ending, that in the center of the large rose lay a beautiful baby girl who looked just like the Princess, and so was called Princess Rosa and was raised happily. Kyoko charmed, and Ren goes on to speculate that there maybe a rose out there with the exact DNA of the original Queen Rosa rose. Kyoko is excited at the idea but but questions its validity since the story is just a legend. Ren explains that unlike myths and fairy-tales some part of a legend is real, you just don't which parts; that's why its called a legend.

After they've dropped Kyoko off, in the car Yashiro looks at Ren with suspicious eyes, wondering what he was trying to do. Ren pretends not to know what he is talking about. Yashiro argues that he does, so what's with all this talk about legends being real and making Kyoko's eyes go all shiny-like. He's just getting her expectations up. Ren laughs and tells him not to worry about that.

Back at Darumaya, Kyoko is scolding herself for hoping, for such dream-like things would never happen to her as she has the worst luck. It seems she was so excited that she stubbed her toe on the stairs which she takes as a sign from God not to get complacent like she did today. She wants to become more grown up for she is now 17! Entering her room she is aghast to find that the small vase has finally tipped over and Queen of Rosa has fallen head first into the ground. She lets out a wail as she apologizes to Queen of Rosa which shocks both Taisho and Okami-san. Okami-san is glad Kyoko is back to her old self for she looked so pale this morning. Taisho thinks fondly that she hasn't grown up a bit despite being a year older.

Meanwhile, Kyoko is still apologizing to Queen of Rosa as she picks her up, she will prepare her royal seat for her right away. However she then notices something as it falls from the center of the rose. It is a rosy-pink, tear-shaped crystal. Kyoko recalls the legend that Queen of Rosa cried at the pond everyday and then from the center of the blooming rose... She also remembers her promise to God that she won't make the same mistake ever again and must follow through with her original plan. Sheepish she thinks she might not be able to do that for at the moment she feels invincible, like she will be able to tackle whatever challenges God throws at her.

The next day at Fuji TV, Kyoko is over the moon and rushes up to Ren and Yashiro thanking him profusely. Showing them the crystal, dazed with joy Kyoko feels it must have formed from Queen Rosa's tears, a crystal of Princess Rosa's spirit. Ren smiles at her, saying that if it's beside someone who believes then a miracle can happen. Kyoko smiles ecstatically as this.

Inside Ren's dressing, Yashiro eyes him again, suspicious. He put that thing in the rose didn't he? And then made up the sort of story Kyoko likes so that she wouldn't return the present out of courtesy. Ren continually denies it and pretends not to know what he is talking about.

Kyoko is in her own dressing room and is pulling out the script to Box "R" full of determination for she will definitely not lose!

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