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Happiness Warning
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 21
Arc Natsu's arc
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Happiness Warning is the 121st chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko was so busy admiring her birthday gifts she is late for the Box "R" script meeting. She is so depressed at Dark Moon that she can't become Mio, then Ren tells her to snap out of it.

Chapter Summary

It's 9:20am in the morning on Boxing Day and Kyoko is basking in the glow of all her wonderful birthday presents. Okami-san comes upon her and laughs for she is still gazing at them like she was last night. Of course she would be Kyoko tells her, for looking at them makes her incredibly happy. Okami-san is glad to hear she likes the shoes for they weren't certain what she liked but Kyoko tells her she loves them and thanks her again for them. They exchange smiles, then Okami-san notices that the vase is barely holding the tall rose upright, needing tape to hold it down. The rose's elegance is wasted due to it's leaning pose. Kyoko says she should have time to today to buy a vase worthy of the rose. Kyoko seems so relaxed that Okami-san wonders if she has any work today. This causes Kyoko to look at the time which has just ticked over to 9:30am, seeing this she lets a scream.

Meanwhile at the TV Station, the whole of the Box "R" cast are meeting for a script read-through which was scheduled for 10:00am. Director Anna asks if Natsu/Kyoko is here which the whole cast chorus that she hasn't arrived yet. Unimpressed the Director says they'll just have to wait awhile. The rest of the cast start gossiping amongst themselves about Kyoko's bravery at being late on the first day. Amamiya chimes in saying they shouldn't judge Kyoko before they know the reason for it might have been unavoidable. The other actresses are amazed at how 'big-hearted' and mature she is which embarrasses Amamiya, or it appears too, for her expression changes to a grim one when hidden by her arms.

Fast forward to 3:50pm, Ren and Yashiro are walking through the halls of Fuji TV. Yashiro is happy for they will get to Dark Moon's set early (expected time of arrival was 4:00pm). Ren nods, that's why it was better to pick up something on the way rather than stopping for a proper meal. Yashiro looks a bit sheepish for it is fast food and Kyoko will definitely scold them both. Arriving at Dark Moon's set they are greeted by a super depressed Kyoko surrounded by a dark aura. Both Ren and Yashiro are completely nonplussed at what could've caused this. Ogata greets them and says he doesn't know what's wrong with Kyoko but she was so disturbed she wasn't able to get into her role as Mio. He tried asking her about it but she refused to share it with him.

Kyoko is deep in her depressive thoughts when a can of drink is suddenly placed between her hands. Glancing up she sees Ren who asks if she can tell him what's the matter. Ogata and Itsumi look on, hoping that Kyoko can get back to old self and resume her acting. Kyoko finishes telling Ren what happened which he reiterates "You were late to the script reading of your new drama and made your costars wait a full hour. what else?" Confused Kyoko stammers that's all there is. Standing up, Ren tells her to forget it for now and that she has five minutes to change her mood. Kyoko gasps and stammers again "That's all?!" She lunges after Ren, grabbing the ends of his jacket and wonders why he isn't angrier for Ren is the 'punctuality king'. After someone's crushed themselves with self-reproach he doesn't see the need to finish off the person by being angry. Kyoko, still clutching his jacket, desperately says again that she was late "By a whole hour, one minute and 23 seconds!" Continuing on, Ren tells her sternly that what does make him angry is that she brought her mistake over to a new job and furthermore she is being a bad influence, basically "You're being a pain."

Didn't she want to be a first-rate actress yesterday? Kyoko recalls the night before where Eltra asks her what she wants to obtain for herself in the future. Blushing Kyoko says she wishes to obtain "herself" and be someone others can be proud of. To do this she would like to do more acting until she becomes an actress that can do any role, that would be at a level to do an autobiography as one, basically a first-rate actress! Remembering this Kyoko stares at Ren who tells her that the Showbiz world is harsh for even if a parent were to drop dead, the show must still go on no matter how much she is suffering. To be a 'pro' one must be able to change their feelings in an instant to the point where someone's death won't even affect them but for someone like her who gets depressed easily and drags things out this seems impossible. First-rate indeed. She should go home for someone who can't act is not needed here, with this Ren walks off. Yashiro rushes after him, wasn't he being too harsh? Kyoko was quite depressed. Ren knows he was but 'kindness' doesn't help a talent grow. Besides, smiling at Yashiro, he wouldn't ask something unreasonable of someone who wasn't capable. Hearing this, Yashiro turns around to look at Kyoko and is surprised to see her standing there serenely, with a soft smile on her face.

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