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Lucky Number '25
Chapter 120.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 20
Arc Lucky Number arc
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Lucky Number '25 is the 120th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Midnight strikes, informing everyone that it's a new day. But, it's not just Christmas, it's a special someone's birthday. Ren gives a large rose to Kyoko as his gift to her, which Kyoko appreciated greatly. Kanae also finds out about Kyoko's birthday and gives her a present that Kyoko liked more than Ren's gift?

Chapter Summary

Lory smirks at the clock that just turned into 12 p.m. Kanae looks at the clock too, thinking “Now..” Kanae looks at what seems to appear a card number “55”. She then thinks that it seems

Lory looks at the clock.png

that Maria has settled down as she glances at a group of people with Maria and her father, saying that the party might be over now. Kanae sighs as she looks at the card number. She said that she better head home now but she should let Kyoko know first.

Kanae then goes and searches for Kyoko, finding her talking to Ren. Meanwhile, Kyoko is still surprised why Ren greeted her. Ren said that December 25th is her birthday. Kyoko said it is but then asked Ren how did he know. Ren said that he heard it from the president. A box above Ren’s head appears saying “Liar”. Kyoko then thinks that the president must’ve knew from her resume. Ren says “Let me try this again.. Here, Happy Birthday..” and hands over the gigantic red rose to Kyoko.

Ren giving kyoko the rose.png

Kyoko reminiscence her birthday when she was younger. Flashback: A woman who appears to be Sho’s mother is handing a present to a 6 year-old Kyoko and greets her “Happy Birthday”. Kyoko accepts the rose and blushes slightly. She says, “Thank you very much”. Ren says it’s

Kyokos bday at the ryokan.png

no need because it’s not that much. Kyoko smiles at Ren. Ren then asks him self that if there was no one around, what would he would really say or do. Kyoko says that it’s amazing. The rose was large and gorgeous and it’s her first time seeing ones like it. Kyoko then says “A King of Roses” isn’t? Ren smiles at Kyoko and says that it’s too bad because the name of the rose is really.. But, before Ren could finish his sentence, Kanae chops their conversation off and asked Kyoko if it’s really her birthday.

Kanae with a demon look.png

Kyoko apologized for Kanae for not paying attention where she was. Kanae then becomes angry, and asked again, “It’s your birthday?” Kyoko thinks that Kanae literally looks a devil now, and looks scared of her. Kyoko answered quietly “Yeah..”. Kanae looks at the rose Ren gave her. She then says “Hold on… and wait right there.” and walks away. Kyoko looks where Kanae was going, she was heading towards the coat check. Kyoko wonders if Kanae checks something in.. Kanae is now holding a gift bag, she ignores the man from the coat check saying that there is still a tag on the gift bag. Kanae goes towards

Kanae smiles at kyoko.png

Kyoko and gives her the gift bag. Kyoko asks what is it. Kanae says that it’s a present for her. Kyoko asks what’s the present for. Kanae says that it’s birthday. Kyoko says it’s true but that’s not the point. Kyoko said that she thought Kanae didn’t know when her birthday was until she heard her and Ren talking. Kyoko says she wonders why Kanae would bring a present for her. Kanae says “That’s because..” but then stopped and thinks that she should say “Because I thought you would like it” but she considers it as embarrassing and she’ll never say it even if her mouth is ripped open. Kanae then remembers that she went through four stores just to get the perfect gift for Kyoko. Kanae thinks that it was so embarrassing and painful, that

Kanae gives kyoko her gift.png

she wanted to die. But then, she wonders if she wanted her gift to lose at Ren’s rose. She thinks that a rose from Ren is just so perfect and cool. Kanae continues to thinks that she took so much courage and perseverance in order to obtain her gift for Kyoko which she describes ‘embarrassing’. Just a few seconds later, Kanae came back to her senses. Kanae says to Kyoko that she didn’t think much if it when she was buying it, that even though she didn’t know when was Kyoko’s birthday, she just thought Kyoko would

The gift meter.png

like it. Kyoko is shocked by this. Kanae then asks “So, do you like it?” Kyoko is teary-eyed and opens the gift just to find the cosmetics she always wanted. Kyoko is thankful and is happy treasuring the gift Kanae gave her. Kanae then smirks and thinks that she has won on Kyoko’s “appreciation meter”, that she beat Ren. Yashiro-san then appears and has a big grin on his face. Ren suddenly says, “You’re right”. Yashiro says he hasn’t said anything yet. Ren says that he knew Yashiro would say something cruel like “You lost”. Ren says that as usual, Yashiro never let these kind of things go. Yashiro then says that Ren shouldn’t be mad. Yashiro said that he was just

Yashiro grinning.png

wondering what the rose for when they came to the party and he assumed that it was for Maria. Yashiro remembers the scene where Ren handed the rose to Sebastian and ordered him to give the rose to him back by 12 o’clock. Yashiro concludes that it all makes sense why he made that kind of request. Yashiro then teases Ren and says, “For someone like Tsuruga-kun, who made arrangements to ensure he’s the first one to give his present at 12 o’clock, lost

Ren asks sebastian.png

someone who just happens to pass by and didn’t even know about her birthday.. Who would have guessed?

Ren then asks “Should someone who’s giving a gift worry about which gift is better or worst? No matter the shape of form, as long as the person receiving it is happy, that’s all it matters, right?”. Yashiro says that’s true.. and thinks that for Ren to say those type of mature stuff, it’s boring. Ren says “and that..” and remembers something. Flashback: 6 year-old Kyoko tells Corn that her birthday is on the 25th of December. She tells him that the family who takes care of her now has a resort and it’s very busy so they celebrate her birthday at the 24th, at the same time as the christmas party.

Corn says that’s a little sad, isn’t? Kyoko asks why. Kyoko then says that to be able to celebrate christmas and her birthday at the same time, compared to being alone,

Little kyoko is happy.png

she’s much happier and says it’s a lot of fun. Ren then continues what he was saying before and says “No matter if it’s just one person or a lot of people celebrating your birthday with you, you’ll be happy, won’t you?” Yashiro is shocked at Ren’s words and could not answer properly. Yashiro then looks at the direction Ren was looking to. Yashiro sees Kyoko hugging Taisho and his wife. Yashiro then finally answered Ren’s right. Ren smiles at Kyoko who is truly happy. Kyoko then thinks right at the start of December 25th, Ren greeted her “Happy Birthday”. It was so sudden, she was shocked at first. But then she became embarrassed and wanted to laugh. And then, “Happy Birthday”, she always only heard it on the

Kyoko birthday cake.png

24th of December. Kyoko looks at Lory, who is dressed as “Daddy Longlegs.” Lory asks Kyoko if she’s ready for the second stage of the party. Kyoko looks amazed at the large cake that is a castle, being served by her

Kyoko's seventeenth birthday.png

fellow chefs. Kyoko blushes slightly and is still shocked. Kyoko acknowledges to herself that she always celebrated her birthday the same day as Christmas; it’s twice the fun and she loves it, but somehow, today...

Momose, Airi, and Director Ogata come over to Kyoko and greet her with birthday wishes that include a large bouquet. They all look over to the stage where the orchestra plays the “Happy Birthday” song. Everyone sings along with the orchestra and Kyoko thanks everyone. Kyoko finishes her thought: today, the small hole in her heart she's always pretended wasn't there became filled with warmth.

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