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Lucky Number '24', Part 5
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Character/s in the cover Maria Takarada
Volume 20
Arc Lucky Number arc
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Lucky Number 24, Part 5 is the 119th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Maria and her father publicly and emotionally repair their relationship. Ren has a surprise waiting for Kyoko when it chimes midnight.

Chapter Summary

Maria is stunned to see her father standing behind the tsunami of flowers that emerged from Lory's magic box. Maria hadn't even sent her father an invitation, not able to bear him having to refuse it. Lory announces that "this" is his and Uncle Tora's gift to Maria for her thank-you party. Maria and her father continue to stare at each other awkwardly when Uncle Tora whispers in Maria's ear that her father was hurt at not being invited. Uncle Tora pushes Maria to tell her reasons to her father, so he'll know Maria still loves him.

Ren watches, listening to the gossiping crowd. Kyoko watches in hopeful attention, aware only of Maria and her father.

Maria explains that she didn't fail to send the invite, not because he isn't important to her or that she's not grateful, but because...

Maria's father interrupts to tell her he understands, and he apologizes to her for being the reason why she's so hesitant to ask for anything. By now, he's gotten down to the floor to be at his daughter's eye level, sitting on his heels. He admits to not being a good father and doesn't know how to encourage her. Maria starts crying about how God is mean to her, that he'll take away anything she asks for, even if it's only in her heart. She got scared the moment she realized she wanted him to come, because he would have to get on a plane. Kyoko is bawling too at this point.

Maria's father speaks, "Maria. Today I took a plane to come here, to come see you, Maria." He opens his arms. "But look, I am alive. See for yourself." Maria rushes into his arms. Kyoko's crying. Maria's crying. Lory and Uncle Tora are happy and satisfied. Maria's father thanks her for her love, for being his daughter, and tells he loves her.

Ren gives Kyoko a handkerchief. Together they express hopes for Maria and her father when the clock chimes midnight. It's now the 25th. Ren gives Kyoko a rose and wishes her a happy 17th birthday.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Maria Takarada
  2. Kyoko Mogami
  3. Kouki Takarada
  4. Happy Grateful Party guests
  5. Lory Takarada
  6. Eltra Duris
  7. Ren Tsuruga
  8. Gossipy Female guests


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