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Lucky Number '24', Part 4
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Character/s in the cover Lory Takarada
Volume 20
Arc Lucky Number arc
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Lucky Number '24', Part 4 is the 118th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Maria & Kyoko's 'Happy Grateful Party' is coming to an end but the President has one last trick up his sleeve.

Chapter Summary

Guests are still arriving at Maria & Kyoko's 'Happy Grateful Party' despite the late hour. The cast of Dark Moon, the couple from Darumaya and finally Ren Tsuruga and his manager, Yashiro, who arrive at a little after 11pm. Both Maria and Kyoko are happy to see Ren made it. Yashiro is super embarrassed by the overdone welcome but Ren only laughs as they disentangle themselves from the streamers. Excited to see him, Maria runs up to Ren for a hug but remembers she's the hostess and welcomes him graciously with a curtsy. Kyoko also greets the two of them with a bow. Yashiro wonders about her clothing which is a chef's outfit. She informs them she was in charge of both the chefs and the pastry chefs. She hands them cocktail drinks she has made according to her image of them. Ren's is called "The golden star at dawn" and Yashiro's is called "The curtain of the night". Yashiro gets an 'ecchi' feeling from the name of his drink but it actually means 'a curtain' as in a barrier that blocks Ren's fans.

The lights at the party suddenly go off causing the guests to gasp in shock. The President makes a dramatic entrance when a spotlight illuminates him dressed in a dark cloak and large hat. He demands that they listen to what he has to say. The guests all wonder if it's a kidnapper but those in the know all internally sigh "President/Grandfather". The President gives a dramatic flourish with his cane sending sparks across the ceiling, causing the guests to scream.

Hearing the screams in a room below the ballroom, Eltra and an unknown man stare up at the ceiling. Eltra sighs for Lory really does like to overdo things. The unknown man agrees with him for he has always been like that. Apparently he inherited Lory's tendency to take on difficult challenges but unlike him, he is too serious towards work. The unknown man seems to agree with this for he can't disregard work for personal matters. Their conversation implies that the unknown man has known Lory awhile and is possibly related to him.

In the ballroom the sparks are still dancing over the ceiling causing sparkles to rain down on the crowd. The two streams of sparks converge and cause a blinding light. When the crowd open their eyes, origami butterflies of all different colors are floating down from the ceiling. Kyoko and Maria look on the display with wonder.

Below the ballroom, Eltra and the unknown man are moving to get ready for the 'mystery box'. The unknown man thanks Eltra for doing this even though it means performing the 'mystery box'.

Both Ren and Yashiro have caught one of the butterflies to take a closer look at the origami which is incredibly complex. Noticing something out of the corner of his eye, Ren turns and sees Kyoko who is completely absorbed in her fairy-tale world and loving the butterflies. She picks up few butterflies to place on Maria so that she too can be a 'flower fairy'.

Their attention is drawn back to the stage when Lory announces that soon it will be midnight and the party will end therefore he has one last gift to give. There is a saying that butterfly and flower should appear together so he will use these magic seeds and make the flower of happiness. Sprinkling the magic seeds, he then throws his cloak over them. Kyoko gets super excited when she hears that he will make a magic flower. The crowd watches in awe as the cloak suddenly rises up from the floor. Filled with anticipation to see a large magical flower, Kyoko screams internally as Lory whips the cloak off. Kyoko and Maria blink in surprise when it is not a flower but Eldris under the cape, standing triumphantly. Lory apologizes that it is not a flower but someone 'who will make a flower wither'. He whips the cape again, this time revealing the 'mystery box' and on the count of three it will reveal the 'flower of happiness'. Again, no flower appears but Eldris pops out of the box. The trick continues with Lory getting more frustrated as Eldris keeps popping out, not the flower. Kyoko gets more and more disappointed for the flower isn't appearing however Maria is laughing at the skit.

It is now a quarter to midnight so this is the last chance so everyone pray for the appearance of the 'flower of happiness'. Maria looks on excitedly but Kyoko has given up hope that it will appear. Lory counts to three again and sends the box an exasperated look for there is a beat of silence where nothing happens. Then slowly the box opens and flowers upon flowers tumble out causing the crowd to gasp in amazement. Kyoko glances up at this, and she too is amazed at the sea of flowers that is surrounding them. Scooping some up she turns to Maria excitedly but pauses at the expression on her face. What's wrong? Is something the matter? The unknown man is slowly stepping out of the 'mystery box' into the light.  Maria stares dumbfounded, for the man coming out is her father.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Hiroaki Ogata
  2. Itsumi Momose
  3. Airi Oohara
  4. Hiroko Iizuka
  5. Dark Moon Costars
  6. Taisho
  7. Taisho's wife
  8. Kyoko Mogami
  9. Maria Takarada
  10. Kanae Kotonami
  11. Guests of The Happy Grateful Party
  12. Ren Tsuruga
  13. Yukihito Yashiro
  14. The Welcoming Committee
  15. Lory Takarada
  16. Weird Shinto priests and occult people
  17. Eltra Duris aka Uncle Tiger
  18. Kouki Takarada


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