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Lucky Number 24, Part 2
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Character/s in the cover Maria Takarada
Volume 20
Arc Lucky Number arc
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Lucky Number 24, Part 2 is the 116th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series


Lory finds out about the party and manages to get himself involved. Ren tries to get Kyoko to admit she enjoys his company, but it sails right over her head. Moko reluctantly finds herself shopping. Maria is happier than she's been at this time of year in a long time.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko invites Ren and Yashiro to the "Happy Grateful Party," which is being hosted at the President's mansion, despite Maria's refusal to let him host. In compensation, Lory insisted they use his guesthouse, then appeared as a random rich stranger who was so moved by the idea of thanking people for being a part of their lives, he was going to bankroll it. Ren has a good chuckle over the story.

Kyoko lets Ren know that Maria intends to invite him, too. Since the party will be going late, Kyoko asks for the favor of Ren showing up at least a little while for Maria's sake. She's delighted when Ren agrees and states Maria will be so happy.

Ren asks if Maria is the only one who's going to be happy to see him, but Kyoko doesn't get it, even when Ren then specifically asks if she'll be happy to see him. Kyoko effuses about all the fun she and Maria have been having preparing for it, so everyone should be able to enjoy themselves. "So please drop by!"

Moko finds the new party name to be only somewhat better than the first one. While she's walking down the street, her eye gets caught by a window display of an over-the-top fantasy-themed cosmetics collection. Knowing how much Kyoko would love it wins over Moko's abhorrence, and she decides to buy it for Kyoko.

Kyoko leaves the TV station in a rush to continue preparations and is surprised to find Lory sent a driver for her. In the backseat, Kyoko's inwardly blushing with pleasure at feeling like a rich young lady. At the guest house we discover that extravagant things like a chocolate waterfall and a House of Sweets are being planned. Eagerly, happily, Maria and Kyoko continue decorating.

Lory tracks down his driver, who is "hiding his presence well, as usual." The driver comments that this is the happiest he's seen Maria at this time of year since her mother died. Lory says that Maria will start associating positive things with her birthday after this, and he's certain Kyoko's been planning it that way.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Yukihito Yashiro
  2. Ren Tsuruga
  3. Kyoko Mogami
  4. Lory Takarada
  5. Uncle Long Legs (Lory Takarada)
  6. Hiroaki Ogata
  7. Itsumi Momose
  8. Kanae Kotonami
  9. Passersby at Tokyo shops
  10. Sebastian
  11. Maria Takarada
  12. Workers sent by Uncle Long Legs


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