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Kuon's Oath
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Character/s in the cover N/A (Kuu Hizuri)
Volume 19
Arc Kuu's arc
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Kuon's Oath is the 114th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


In America, Kuu and Juli watch Kuon's video while snuggling up to each other affectionately. Kuu tells Juli about Kyoko, whom he thinks of as his second "son." Ren and Kyoko sign on for roles that will challenge their skills.

Chapter Summary

In a large home, Kuu is preparing hot chocolate and brings it from the kitchen to his wife in the living area, while Kuon's voice from the video flows over them.

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart for both your deep love."

Juli is crying. She gets overwhelmed no matter how many times she watches the video. They both agree that he looks healthier than they expected.

"So I still can't call you that but I will return to you two on my own. Let me call you my parents again then."

Juli is emotional at the thought of Kuon calling her "Mother" again and wonders when that will happen. Kuu tells her not too far into the future, because their son is a hard worker.

"And last, to my father, whom I respect, I can boast that my feelings synchronized perfectly with the Kuon boy's."

Kuu starts to tell Juli about Kyoko, reflecting on his departure from Japan and Kyoko/Kuon calling to him from across the room. The people in the crowd are gossiping about what they know of Kuu's actual son Kuon, speculating that he must have grown to become quite beautiful.

Kyoko tells Kuu that she's taken the bullying roles and is going to try to make each one different to challenge herself as an actress. She still doesn't like playing bullies, but she'll fight with all she's got and believe in herself. Kuu commends her, and says that his son has got to be that way, and they exchange thumbs up and winks.

For the first time, Kuu notices that Ren's been standing behind Kyoko. He's smiling with affection and bows his head respectfully to Kuu. Kuu thinks that he didn't understand then the reason for Ren's confused smile, but now that he's heard the video, he does. Juli states she's very interested in knowing Kyoko now, both as an actress and as a person. Kuu informs his wife that he extended an invitation to Kyoko to visit them anytime.

Kuu remembers Kyoko's face looking pleased and stunned at the invitation. Kuu expressed his sincerity and also let her know that she doesn't need to act like Kuon to become his child. Kuu wonders what name Kyoko will come up with to address him as her father. As an actor and a human being, Kuu is really looking forward to seeing his children grow.

Even as Kyoko talks with Moko, Ren is having a similar discussion with Lory. Both Kyoko and Ren are nervous to be taking on dark roles. For both of them, the roles are a test that they must overcome.

Kuu thinks about how Kyoko's goodbye message to him applies to both her and Ren. "So I'll fight with all I've got. I'll believe in what I can do."

In his living room, Kuu gives a thumbs up and thinks "Go for it, Kuon!" meaning both Kyoko and Ren. As if feeling the love and encouragement from miles away, both Ren and Kyoko walk with their heads held up in determination.

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