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Parent and Child

Memorial Day

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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 19
Arc Kuu's arc
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Parent and Child Memorial Day is the 112th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kuu tells Kyoko that it's his last day in Japan, he is leaving for America tomorrow. Both Kyoko and Kuu open up to each other and discuss their past regrets and traumas. For Kyoko its her mother and for Kuu its his son, Kuon. Kyoko tells Kuu that if she could have a father she would want them to be like him. Kuu asks tells her he never severed their bond as Father and child so she may call him Dad. Overwhelmed Kyoko is brought to tears.

Chapter Summary

In Kuu's penthouse suite, Kyoko has made a spongecake for him as a bribe for she wishes to remain his student until he leaves in four days time. Carrying over "the spongecake of ulterior motive" ice-cake (Kyoko's name) to him, she's really happy that she can just ask for acting advice. She recalls Kuu telling her that once she knows the joys of living in a role she'll become addicted to it and even feel a sense of loss and loneliness once the role ends. When she finally experiences this she will grow massively as an actress, enough that there will be nothing left for him to teach her. As Kyoko experienced this sensation at the end of her role as Young Kuon she assumes that Kuu will say there is nothing left to teach her and severe their student-teacher bond. As Kyoko wishes to continue the relationship she doesn't tell him, hoping to stay as his 'hopeless student' at least until he leaves in four days.

Whilst serving the 'the spongecake of ulterior motive' ice-cake, Kyoko drops a slice at Kuu's announcement that he will be leaving tomorrow. Shocked at this pronouncement Kyoko frantically asks that didn't he have a few days left here and a day off too. Kuu looks a bit sheepish and confirms that this was the case but plans have changed. Internally Kuu muses that he thought it would be harder to convince Kuon so while promoting the film he used the excuse of 'taking a break in his home country' to stay a bit longer. However he reached his goal sooner than he thought and now with Kuon's message he is desperate to get home to Julie and watch it with her (Kuu hasn't seen it on Lory's orders).

Kyoko, now used to his portion size, gives Kuu the whole cake

Kyoko is depressed at hearing this and says it really is too bad as she flips the fallen slice of cake on to a plate. Kuu agrees, just when he found an interesting new actress worth his time and it's really too bad that he won't be able to help Kyoko with her growth. Kuu extends a hand which Kyoko takes telling him to take care now. Kuu tells her not that, he was asking for the cake for didn't she cut it for him. Telling her to hurry or it will melt and lose its shape even more. It's important to eat delicious things while they still look delicious! Kyoko says this slice is for her actually then hands the rest of the cake to Kuu while saying enthusiastically that this is for Sensei! Kuu is pleased saying she's finally gotten the hang of how to best serve him food (with his blackhole of a stomach).

Kyoko going dark at the phrase 'good mother'

Kyoko is given a beautifully cut piece of cake to replace the one she dropped. Kyoko smiles fondly at Kuu, who is eating the cake happily the ruined slice already in his tummy, thinking he really didn't have to. Kuu praises Kyoko on her cooking telling her everything she makes for him is delicious even the sweets. Kyoko is slightly abashed at the compliment. Kuu tells her cheerfully that she would make a good mother. At this phrase Kyoko drops her spoon and a dark atmosphere surrounds her shocking Kuu. An eerie aura settles around Kyoko as she says 'a good mother, what is that I wonder...' Kuu looks taken aback and wonders if he stepped on a taboo subject. He recalls her explanation during her acting that she didn't get along well with her mother. Kyoko continues, the dark atmosphere still surrounding them both, she wonders if just making sure the kids get some food is that enough to be called a good mother. Kuu looks a bit confused and agrees but love is the most important. Kyoko cuts him off by repeating LOVE! with the voice of a spirit from hell causing Kuu to flinch in shock. If it's something like that then it's impossible for she doesn't think she has what it takes to love. Internally she continues thinking that she can't, not if she doesn't even know what a parent's love is like. Kuu is looking at her sadly and says that she may not be able to show love but making sweets for your children, couldn't that be seen as an expression of that love?

Because she can't be certain that she could make her child happy, Kyoko says she doesn't want one

Kyoko looks down at the cake coldly, and answers that she guesses so since making food is something that can be done just for appearances. The answer saddens Kuu, perhaps because he is beginning to understand the depth of Kyoko's scars. Kyoko, looking quite depressed, continues saying that she isn't certain that she could make her child happy, so she wouldn't want any children to begin with. Kyoko seems to pull herself out of her depressed state and perhaps her memories of the past to ask Kuu about his wife. Does she do any cooking? Kyoko thinks that Young Kuon's mother should certainly be a good mother. Smiling at the thought of Julie, Kuu says she does despite being quite busy however the food is quite unique and random it's not to everyone's tastes. Kyoko wonders if this means she isn't a very good cook. Kuu continues saying that having a meal as a family is important to her and she would stuff Kuon's mouth so full of food that he would have trouble breathing whenever he didn't eat everything (when he was 5 or 6). Kyoko is alarmed at this thinking that's torture! Thinking about it now Kuu says that Kuon would wear a teary expression whenever food was brought up. Depressed Kuu adds that it could not be called a happy expression. Kyoko is further alarmed worried that the darkness of her heart may have infected Sensei! Kuu continues in a sad tone, saying that Kuon's smile started to fade as he grew up which was probably his fault for the more he did his best to act in America the more pain he seemed to cause Kuon. Both he and his wife were so busy working they failed to notice this, until Kuon became unable to move about. Both he and his wife loved their boy from the bottom of their hearts and they believed that they were making him happy however for Kuon this might not have been the case.

Kuu blaming himself for Kuon's unhappiness

Kyoko looks sad and unsure, probably wondering what to say to break the heavy atmosphere. Kuu internally wonders that if maybe Kuon hadn't been his son then he might've been able to be a lot happier, this is the question that he's been asking himself again and again. Kuu looks quite depressed and is obviously blaming himself and perhaps his fame for causing Kuon's troubles. Kyoko still looks sad and uncertain, and keeps peeking at Kuu seeming to struggle with the decision to say something or not. She recalls Ren's words on Dark Moon's set stating if there isn't anything painful then she can simply put it into words. What pains her though is the thought that she might not be his student anymore but Kuu looks so down she decides to voice her thoughts.

Of course he was happy she tells Kuu confidently. She was only his son for a few hours and she was very happy. It was exciting and thrilling, she laughed and cried, and it was really very hectic and tiring. But even someone like her felt extremely lonely after the act was over and she caught herself thinking silly things like wanting to stay as Young Kuon. Kuu's spirits seemed to be lifted by her speech and Kyoko smiles at him whilst saying she is confident that her feelings perfectly synchronized with Young Kuon's since she was able to figure out the feelings and behavior of the character because she was told by Ren, "You really captured Kuon's feelings."

Hearing from Kyoko about Ren's confirmation that Kuon was happy, Kuu is relieved

Kuu who perked up when she said Ren's name is even more shocked at this statement. Anxious he stammers asking her if he really meant it, he wasn't just toying with her, deceiving or tricking her. Annoyed Kyoko says Sensei's mean for even he acknowledge her Young Kuon. Ren messes with her sometimes it's true but this time he was completely serious. This seems to take a while to sink in for Kuu but when it does he smiles delighted, as though a weight has been lifted.

Kyoko pouts as she starts to make dinner (Chirashizushi at Kuu's demand) for she revealed her secret and will probably be kicked out of the Hizuri acting school but she couldn't stand seeing Sensei sad. Since it's the last night Kuu is also helping Kyoko cook, Kyoko glances over as he starts to expertly slice the bamboo shoots. Kyoko is shocked at how good he is, Kuu explains that he and his wife like to have home-cooked meals as often as possible.

Kyoko is shocked at Kuu's proficiency at cooking

Kyoko wonders why she was asked to cook if he is so good. Caught out Kuu freezes because the real reason she was asked to come was so that he could bully her into running to Ren for help. Lying he says that it was because he was on a break, who wants to cook for themselves on a holiday. Kyoko smiles as she continues cooking, saying to Kuu that being able to cook, as well being a good father and husband makes him like a godfather. Kuu refuses saying he has no intention to become a mafia don since his motto is "Love and Peace." Maybe he's more like a mother of the world or a legendary father she says. Laughing Kuu says that his love's not big enough for the whole world only the Boss (Lory) would say something like that.

Kuu scolds Kyoko

Kyoko admits to Kuu that in her heart he is already a legendary father. Blushing Kuu looks over as she continues saying that she never really thought about wanting a father but if she had it would be a father like Sensei. Kuu smiles at this and then scolds her for saying such stupid things. He is her father and she is his child and he doesn't remember severing their father-child bond. So won't she call him Dad again?

Kyoko trying hard to voice what's in her heart and call Kuu 'Father'

Kyoko is moved to tears at this statement asking if he's sure about that even though there isn't single thing left he can teach her. Annoyed Kuu asks her who does she thinks she is, don't get carried away newcomer. Tousling her hair, he tells her there are still lots and lots of things for her to learn, does she think he can leave problem child like her all on her own. Grabbing her cheeks Kuu begins to rant at her angrily, saying how dare she say she doesn't want children with such a cold expression without even knowing how wonderful children can be. She's still a child herself!. Kyoko doesn't listen to the rest nor does she understand why he's angry because she is trying with all her might to call out to Sensei who is leaving tomorrow but this time using the word "Father!"

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