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Unfading Feelings
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Character/s in the cover (N/A) Kuu Hizuri, Ren Tsuruga and Lory Takarada
Volume 19
Arc Kuu's arc
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Feelings That Never Fade is the 111th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


As Kuu, Lory, and Ren talk, more information about Ren's departure from his parents and his coming to Japan comes to light. It also is made quite clear that Ren and his parents love each other very much.

Chapter Summary

Ren and Kuu agree that "three months" is a more realistic time frame than she usually gives when Juli declares she'll be dying soon. Kuu states that she's reached a limit where her jokes don't sound like jokes anymore, because her dearest son disappeared while she was away. Of course, it's really the kidnapper's fault.

Lory protests that Kuu was the one who cried and asked for help, worried that his son was going insane and there was nothing he could do about it. The difference, Kuu explains, is that Lory didn't do it gradually, and he's had to put up with Juli's repeated emotional fits ever since, including having to stop her from flying to Japan after Kuon. Do either of them know how it cuts when a loved one cries "I hate you" at them? Juli guilt trips Kuu for being able to see Kuon before he left, but he didn't get time to say goodbye either.

So the favor Kuu wants of Ren, since Juli's last sight of him was as someone about to disappear and die, is to confirm that he's alive and well with a photo or video as Kuon, not Ren Tsuruga. Though Kuu understands that turning back into Kuon when he's only halfway toward his goal as Ren would feel like defeat.

Ren agrees. He had left with Lory without any thoughts of his parents, and he'd like to make the video to reassure his mother. Jelly Woods, aka Ten, the trusted and brilliant make-up artist, will be called back and they'll shoot the video the next day. Kuu has to stay away to protect Ren's identity and not give Juli another reason to be upset at him. Kuu and Juli will watch the video the first time together. Ren inwardly resolved that he'll record his honest feelings toward his parents the last 5 years.

At the Dark Moon set the next morning Kyoko is in a dark mood, dreading Ren's reaction to her treatment of him when she was acting as young Kuon. Ren's not upset, however, and he, Kyoko, and Yashiro sit down together for her explanation as to why she was playing Kuu's son. Yashiro admits it was a great surprise, but Ren wants to know if something bad happened between her and Kuu and she hid it from him.

Kyoko denies it and sings Kuu praises. Ren listens, smiling, whilst lost in his thoughts about how accurately Kyoko got Kuon's feelings. It was as though he were looking at himself. Growing up, his father was his hero.

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