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And Things Start Moving
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Character/s in the cover Sho Fuwa
Volume 19
Arc Kuu's arc
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And Things Start Moving is the 109th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko and Kuu have a long discussion about her acting abilities, which is interrupted by a phone call. Lory and Kuu have finally made "him" ask to meet, though Lory chastises Kuu for risking their plan by giving Kyoko acting lessons. Kyoko has a heavy heart after finishing her conversation with Kuu.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko asks Kuu for an assessment of her assignment. He tells her that she succeeded in taking the prompt and making the role her own, and doesn't understand why she's saddened by this.

Before she can give an answer, they are interrupted by a phone call. While Kuu is on the phone Kyoko wonders if she should leave. Sitting at the table she recalls the breakfast she had with her "father" and is instantly depressed that she no longer has that any more.  

Lory is calling to let Kuu know that "he" finally asked for a meeting, which will be at 11pm that night. Kuu is surprised that their run-in earlier that day was enough to get that kind of reaction from "him." Lory says he wasn't surprised, he knew it would turn out this way ever since Kyoko showed up asking for clothes befitting a teenage boy. Lory, we learn, is clairvoyant, and Kuu has long been grateful that Lory's life mission is the spreading of love and not anything more ominous.  

Lory does chastise Kuu for risking their plan by choosing to give Kyoko acting lessons instead of continuing to torture her.  Kuu acknowledges this, but points out that it's human nature to want to polish an uncut diamond when it's in front of you.

"I understand what you mean," Lory responds. "So you felt something from that girl, too?"

"She can become one of just a handful of truly great actors if she can only overcome one weakness."

The phone call over, Kuu continues to advise a despondent Kyoko. She knows how to create a role; what she needs now is to know the joy of living in the role: to be able to experience the life of someone completely different while acting, feeling all the emotions. Learn to do that, and she won't be so picky about her roles. She'll be hooked, and then feel sad and lonely when the role is over. Once she knows that she'll grow and there won't be anything left for him to teach her.

Kyoko wanders home, with her water bottle bomb prank clanking as she walks. Kyoko realizes Kuu has seen through her, that she has preferences when it comes to roles and avoids those she sees as boring. Only acting what she wants to act or avoiding roles she doesn't want to means she will have an unbalanced diet as an actor and won't develop probably. He thinks its because she hasn't yet experienced the true fascination of acting. Kyoko grows depressed at the thought of outgrowing having Kuu as a mentor.

Kyoko, though still working hard, spends the rest of her day sad and confused. At TBM, Kyoko's dressed as Bo for the recording of Yappa Kimagure Rock, still pondering Kuu's words. Flopping onto the ground, she realizes that the joy she felt in the acting she did came from developing her own role with her own abilities, and being happy in being able to express it. She feels that's something that was re-confirmed today. She didn't feel the emotions with Mio, but maybe because Mio doesn't use them. With Kuon, she felt happy to tears, sad, and heart-pounding excitement. She was sad when the role of Kuon ended, but she can't tell Kuu any of this, because it'll mean he'll stop being her teacher. 

At Lory's place, Kuu is pacing anxiously, nervous at seeing "him" for the first time in 5 years, despite having run into him earlier that day. Lory darts him with a spitball, forcing Kuu to sit down. Kuu is anxious because he doesn't know what talk about, he's already exhausted the topic of Dark Moon. Lory tells him not to worry since "he" will slash at him with the main question at hand so at least they will have something to talk about. Kuu's briefly relieved but then slashes himself metaphorically by thinking about what "he" will say. Lory chides Kuu again, this time for not being prepared and how weak he is to "him", but there's no time left now because "he" has arrived. 

Ren and Kuu stare at each other.

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