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A Dream Cast
Chapter 108.png
Character/s in the cover Kuon (Kyoko Mogami), Ren Tsuruga and Kuu Hizuri
Volume 18
Arc Kuu's arc
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A Dream Cast is the 108th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Ren and Yashiro encounter Kyoko acting like a young son to Kuu Hizuri. There is a lot of silent eye contact after Kuu arrives, making every sentence spoken aloud feel as though it has a double meaning.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko remains in character as 10-year-old Kuon, much to the confusion of Ren and Yashiro. She puts down Ren's Katsuki under guise of politeness and doesn't break character, even when they ask for an explanation.

Kuu calls out to them, and Ren recognizes his voice without turning around. Ren and Kuu stare at each other for a bit before Kuu says, "Kuon, we're going home." Ren jolts, Yashiro doesn't know whom Kuu is talking to, and Kyoko/Kuon runs toward Kuu calling him "Dad." Yashiro is startled and confused; Ren barely emotes but is not unaffected.

Kyoko/Kuu points to Ren like an insensitive child. Kuu flicks her forehead, reminding her of her manners, and Kyoko/Kuu apologizes (no bad memories this time). Kuu and Ren have another silent eye contact before Kuu extends his hand and introduces himself. Ren accepts it. Kuu compliments Ren's Katsuki and says that truthfully he felt jealous as an actor. Kyoko is delighted for Ren, but then realizes she broke character and slides back into Kuon without anyone noticing her slip. Yashiro is a little starstruck.

Kuu calls Kyoko/Kuon to follow him, but Kyoko/Kuon has to double back for the water prank device she left on the floor. In character, she apologizes to Ren for resenting that his Katsuki was actually better than her Dad's which is why she was mean earlier. Since her Dad acknowledged him, Kyoko/Kuon wanted to acknowledge him, too.

In the car, Kuu tells Kyoko her assignment is done. He informs her that she's the type who doesn't prepare beforehand but slides into the role and it creates itself. He thinks to himself that she's the type who's hardest to handle as an actor and the most frightening. Kuu wants to know why she forced the introduction between him and Ren, when he'd insulted Ren so much and upset her. Kyoko had completely forgotten about the argument, probably because she knows now that Kuu is a nice man who wouldn't be rude. She was thinking in character that Kuu would want to proudly introduce her father to the man playing his old role. Kuu agrees Kuon would have done that.

In the meantime, Ren calls Lory and requests a meeting.

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Characters in Order of Appearance


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