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A Mischievous Situation
Chapter 107.png
Character/s in the cover Kuu Hizuri with Kuon (Kyoko Mogami)
Volume 18
Arc Kuu's arc
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A Mischievous Situation is the 107th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kuu attempts to break Kyoko out of the bad memories of her mother and back into her role of Kuon by initiating a game of pranks between father and son. Yashiro and Ren reflect on their childhoods with their fathers.

Chapter Summary

In the car with Kuu, Kyoko/Kuon is struggling to accurately read the Japanese signs. Kuu had told her at breakfast that she was exactly like Kuon at age 10, and to speak novice Japanese accordingly. Kyoko/Kuon develops an unhappy attitude about it, and Kuu is secretly amused. To cover, he expresses sadness that Kyoko/Kuon doesn't want to learn more about the country he grew up in. Kyoko/Kuon reaches out to Kuu to genuinely apologize, and flashes back to having to reached out to her unhappy mother only to be rejected.

Kuu sees her expression, and remembers what Kyoko had told him that morning about not knowing how to react when someone's nice to her after she's made a mistake. Realizing that she's mentally in the same place as before, Kuu flicks her forehead. "I lied, you fool." Kyoko is struck by the gesture and the expression on Kuu's face as being very familiar, though she doesn't know why.

Kuu instructs Kyoko/Kuon to show guts and fight back when someone gets at you. Kyoko hesitates at such a challenge, but for some reason, she feels the appropriate mischievousness to accept. A day-long battle of Kyoko/Kuon trying to get at Kuu ensues. It's fun and successful in cheering Kyoko up in the guise of a child, but unsuccessful in its surface motive of Kyoko/Kuon catching Kuu.

On the Dark Moon set, another actor named Hidehito Kijima is horsing around backstage with a child actor. Ren and Yashiro watch. Yashiro reminisces about playing with his father, and asks Ren about his childhood with his father. Ren answers vaguely, thinking that his father stopped playing with him around age 10, that his father played word games with him. Ren thinks that he was precocious as a child because he was forced to mature early. He tells Yashiro that they also played outdoors a lot, in the mountains, sea, and sky.

Yashiro tries to picture what kind of parent/child games could be played in the sky. He thinks to himself that he still doesn't know Ren very well. Yashiro then delivers what he thinks will be good news, that Kuu is at the station where they are currently headed [1] Ren gets silent, and Yashiro assures him that they won't necessarily run into Kuu.

Kyoko/Kuon is readying some sort of soda bottle water bomb for Kuu, and is rushing around like an excited child. At the bottom of the stairs, she encounters Ren and Yashiro, who are both taken aback when they recognize the boy as Kyoko.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kyoko Mogami (Kuon (role))
  2. Kuu Hizuri
  3. Saena Mogami (flashback)
  4. Kuu Hizuri's bodyguard #1
  5. Kuu Hizuri's bodyguard #2
  6. Hidehito Kijima
  7. Child Actor who appears in Dark Moon
  8. Yukihito Yashiro
  9. Ren Tsuruga
  10. Talkshow Host
  11. Talkshow Audience
  12. Talkshow Crew


  1. It is not explicitly stated what the good news Yashiro shares is. It is the assumption of this summarizer based on the subsequent dialogue, which is vague at best.


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