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A Bewildering Situation
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Volume 18
Arc Kuu's arc
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A Bewildering Situation is the 106th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko begins the day acting as Kuon with Kuu. Ren and Lory are both suspicious about what's going on, each having seen Kyoko the previous day under different contexts.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko arrives at Kuu's hotel early in the morning already in the role of Kuon.

Lory has struggled all night but has still failed to make the main couple start dating on the video game he's been playing. About the same time as Kyoko walks into Kuu's suite, Ren calls Lory, demanding to know what his latest scheme with Kyoko is. Lory's happy that Ren seems to be focused on Kyoko's interaction with Kuu. He knows that she is dressing as a young American boy, since he let her take clothes from the agency late the previous night. Lory plays with Ren, telling him partial truths, that he saw her and she was acting strange but wouldn't explain why.

Lory recalls that after Kyoko selected the clothes, she looked like "him" around the age of 10, when he was still innocent and lovable. So what exactly is Kuu up to?

Kyoko/Kuon pulls back the curtain and wishes her father good morning in English. Sleepily, Kuu thinks for a moment that it actually is Kuon and he is back in America. As the morning continues, Kuu is dumbfounded at how Kyoko can act so much like the real Kuon, as though she's seen him. Kuu covers his staring by asking what the strange marbled loaf is. Apparently it's bread, Kuon decided not to slice or toast it because Kuu will just eat the whole thing anyway. Besides he didn't have time to cut it because he was busy frying the eggs. There's a huge pile of eggs on the table however they're burnt too. Kuu realizes it's a set-up where Kuon can't cook, which is correct for he never learned to cook before. Kyoko's reasoning was that because Kuon was both rich and from a doting family that he probably had never had to cook before.

Kuu begins to eat the eggs and startles Kyoko for she hears crunches as he chews them. Worried she asks if that might have been egg shells for she cooked the eggs like a child who was unfamiliar with kitchen work would. Kuu tells Kuon not to worry for egg shells are good way to get calcium so isn't he smart? Kyoko doesn't think its the time to be praising him and tells Kuu not to force himself to eat them as they don't taste that good right? Kuu disagrees for Kuon tried hard to make them so why would they taste bad? Kyoko knows she didn't even add any seasoning to the eggs yet Kuu still says that "It's good". As Kuon she smiles at the lie.

Neither of them break character, and Kyoko, while expecting Kuu to act like a doting parent, is a bit flushed at being the recipient of that kind of affection for the first time. She wonders what a child would normally do in such a situation, and remembers her own mother behaving stiffly while she cried. Kyoko is crying again, feeling so happy, but without knowing how to express it.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kyoko Mogami (Kuon (role))
  2. Unnamed Tokyo Imperial Herald Hotel guest #1
  3. Unnamed Tokyo Imperial Herald Hotel guest #2
  4. Unnamed Tokyo Imperial Herald Hotel guest #3
  5. Lory Takarada
  6. Seiichi (dating game character)
  7. Seiichi's ex-girlfriend (dating game character)
  8. Ren Tsuruga
  9. Kuu Hizuri
  10. Saena Mogami (flashback)


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