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Tomorrow She's Corn
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 18
Arc Kuu's arc
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Tomorrow She's Corn is the 105th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko gets confused that the name of Kuu's son Kuon sounds like the name "Corn." After some coaching and using her own imagination, Kyoko decides that the next day she'll play Kuon as though he's Corn.

Chapter Summary

When Kyoko balks at playing a male role, Kuu tells her that it doesn't matter. She should spend her day observing and not being indifferent. She should pay attention to what she sees, hears, and feels.

Kyoko's response is to ask what Kuu's son is like, for all roles have a basic profile. Kuu agrees to give her one personality trait: smart. But then, Kuu can't stop describing his son and all his good attributes.

"He's hard-working, diligent, a man of his word and a man of action. He's modest, lovely, manly, considerate. ... He's an outstanding athlete, just like me. And even I'm jealous of his agility and his talent in martial arts. His looks are like my darling wife's, who's a living jewel. In one word... he's beautiful and elegant! He sparkles like diamonds and radiates grace just standing there — a miracle! The beauty of my wife and son are beyond human! ... So... my son is that beautiful."


Kyoko can't make anything out of his long diatribe that would help her, but it's clear that Kuu is a doting parent... unlike her own. Kuu runs out of steam when he mentions that he hasn't seen his son since he was 15. Kuu wishes he could hold his son once more... Corn.

Hearing the name startles Kyoko, and she asks him whether his son's name is "Corn."

Kuu is confused, until he realizes that using the American pronunciation of his son's name would sound like "Corn" to a Japanese speaker. In Japanese, his son's name is Kuon. Kyoko inwardly chides herself for being silly and thinking Kuu's son and Corn the Fairy were one and the same.

Kuu tells Kyoko that starting the next day, her name will be Kuon, and she's to make his son her own.

On the Dark Moon set later that day, Kyoko begins to think that there's only one person she's met whom she can copy that possibly fits all the positive attributes that Kuu listed. She's lost in a daze, beginning to picture Corn, when Ren pops his face in front of hers.

Ren's noticed how quiet she's been and is worried that she's being bullied by Kuu. She's surprised he knows, but understands that Yashiro saw her on TV. Ren asks what she's doing for Kuu, not believing for a moment Lory's explanation that she's his cook. Kyoko answers that she waits on Kuu, who's very particular about his food. She starts talking about how much fun she's been having, actually, and Ren tells her he's relieved because she looked worried.

Ren gets grumpy thinking of Kyoko being pulled into one of Lory's schemes. Kyoko actually is worried about how to portray young Kuon and for a moment considers asking Ren for help again. They make eye contact and Ren asks her what it is she wants to ask him. Kyoko denies needing help and awkwardly retreats. She regrets her awkwardness later, but is determined to come up with the role on her own this time. She realizes that Kuon would speak English, having grown up in the states, and comes up with various cliché male personality types.

She thinks again about how Corn is really the only one who fits Kuu's description of Kuon... and what a funny thing that is really. She decides to get herself as close to being like Corn as possible, and then she can play Kuon.

Kyoko remembers back to her childhood and meeting Corn, who was cute, friendly and had blonde hair. She starts to mimick him in front of a mirror, and then has to remind herself to speak in English.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kyoko Mogami
  2. Kuu Hizuri
  3. Saena Mogami (Kyoko's flashback)
  4. Ren Tsuruga/Kuon Hizuri
  5. Lory Takarada (Kyoko's recollection)
  6. Kuu Hizuri's bodyguard


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