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Fireballs Between the ☆ T-w-o
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 17
Arc Kuu's arc
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Fireballs Between the ☆ T-w-o is the 102nd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


The actor who formerly played Katsuki in Tsukigomori is visiting Japan from Hollywood, and Kyoko is assigned to take care of him. There also seems to be some sort of history between him and Ren.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko is feeling grumpy about being assigned a Love Me task to attend to a Hollywood star who once lived in Japan. Lory told her that this man was unusual, and she agrees, since she heard he held a funeral for his Japanese stage name before departing. The star arrives, and it's none other than the former Shuuhei Hozu, the actor who played Katsuki 20 years ago. Kyoko thinks he seems friendly but the moment he makes eye contact with Kyoko, he cops a bad attitude.

On the Dark Moon set, Ren is getting into makeup and his artist is discussing the arrival of Kuu Hizuri. She's guessing that since Dark Moon is looking likely to break Tsukigomori's record that the news will cover it and make comparisons, especially with the previous Katsuki in town. She then panics and assures Ren that he's better than the original.

Ren flashes back to when Lory told him Kuu [1] was coming, and proposes that Ren go to see him for a little while, though he won't force it. Yashiro comes crashing into Ren's dressing room worked up that he'd just seen Kuu arriving on TV. Ren doesn't know why this is a big deal until Yashiro gets ahold of himself and explains the cursed pink uniform cannot be mistaken. Kyoko's been assigned to Kuu.

In Kuu's ultra-swank, ultra-exclusive hotel room, Kyoko is nearly ready to collapse after preparing a collection of complex Kyoto dishes. Finished, she's very proud of herself and re-energizes. She vows she'll make him say "It's delicious" in English, the American who's forgotten Japanese. Apparently Kuu is only half-Japanese, but was born and raised in Japan. Flashback shows that Kuu had nothing but insults for Kyoko, spoken entirely in English, when she picked him up. Once at the hotel he told her to have dinner ready at 7 while he took a nap.

Kuu arrives in the kitchen, making a snide remark about her actually being able to understand English. He was hoping to fire her for not doing as told. He orders room service and refuses to eat Kyoko's food. Kyoko's stunned to find out that he never had any intention of eating her food. Kuu offers to call Lory right then so she can complain and quit.

Kyoko isn't going to back down so easily. She takes the phone from Kuu and sweetly says he should allow her to make the call herself.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kyoko Mogami
  2. Crowds of nameless fans
  3. Lory Takarada (Kyoko & Ren's recollections)
  4. Kuu Hizuri
  5. Kuu Hizuri's bodyguard #1
  6. Kuu Hizuri's bodyguard #2
  7. Kuu Hizuri's bodyguard #3
  8. Kyoko Apparitions
  9. Ren's hairstylist
  10. Ren Tsuruga
  11. Yukihito Yashiro


  1. The official English translation through VizMedia has Kuu's name spelled as "Koo," which is the way Kuu is supposed to be pronounced in English. However, the katakana used for the name is supposed to be read as Ku + u. The katakana for Ko + o would have a different pronunciation.


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