Encounter, A Dynamite Star
Chapter 101
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 17
Arc Kuu's arc
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Encounter!! A Dynamite Star is the 101st chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Lory plots while Kyoko worries about expanding her acting skills. Ren's Tsukigomori predecessor is going to come to town, the Hollywood star who's the pride of Japan, and Kyoko's assigned to be his assistant when he arrives.

Chapter Summary

Lory is talking with someone on the phone. Lory tells the person in the phone that he will do his best to help things along, and he'll see that person next month on the 12th. After Lory ends the call, considers his options regarding the promise he just made. He states that he doesn't want to force things. Lory thinks of ideas and when he finally gets one he calls Takenori Sawara. Lory is told that Sawara is away from his desk, discussing job offers with Kyoko Mogami.

The meeting with Sawara over, Kyoko stands in the hallway looking over the job offers. She stares at them and thinks that they are all mean roles and frowns. Kyoko wonders that if she keeps on getting mean roles, she might only be known for acting mean roles and not be able to expand her horizon and take more roles. She considers turning them all down. Kyoko then suddenly gets pushed from behind. She turns around just to find Kanae. Kanae asks her what happened, wondering because Kyoko's back is not straight as it's usually is. Kyoko lights up, excited to see Moko for the first time in awhile.

They go into the Love Me Room and Kyoko tells Kanae about her situation. Kyoko asks Kanae what she'd do if she was in her position. Kanae replies that she would refuse all of them because the roles are all Mio-like and she wouldn't be able to refine her acting skills. Also, if she doesn't have the passion for it, she won't be able to perform it well. Kanae admits she'd already accepted roles she didn't really want and compromised herself. She segues into forgetting about Kyoko's problem and ranting about whether she has the aura of a useless woman stuck in poverty. She refuses to get stuck with a shabby image and her future is to be a top actress. She continues to say that no matter how much she surpasses the poor image in a few years time, people would think of it as an amusement.

Kanae then points into Kyoko and tells her that there is nothing wrong about her decision, she agrees that Kyoko shouldn't force herself to accept job that will hurt her image. Kyoko brightens up even more and says "Yeah!!". Kanae then murmurs to herself "Besides, I don't think you can afford to accept jobs that will get you nowhere. It's like you're losing."[1] Kyoko hears her and becomes confused, she asks Kanae what she means by "losing".

Kanae then becomes shocked, realizing what she just said. She becomes nervous and tries to distract Kyoko with something else to change the subject. Kanae becomes more nervous and asks Kyoko to go to the shops and see the new thing that came out today, uh... ice cream! Kyoko then wonders why there's new ice cream in winter. Kanae mentally berates herself whilst Kyoko asks again what Kanae means by "losing."

Kanae thinks of something and uses one of her special talents, to produce tears in just three seconds. Kanae cries "I-ice cream... I wanted to eat it together with Kyokoooooo."[2] This successfully distracts Kyoko completely from the main subject. Kyoko puts a goofy expression into her face, expressing her happiness because Kanae called her by her first name for the first time.

Kanae becomes embarrassed and blushes, thinking that she was careless. Kyoko tells everyone that Kanae just called her by her first name. Kanae is then horrified, but thinks that it's better rather than telling Kyoko the truth. Kanae thought that if she screwed up, Kyoko might be depressed, and that is a problem because she does not know how to comfort people. It troubles her that if she tells Kyoko about Sho Fuwa, she will see Kyoko in a pained look.

Kyoko then pops up in front of Kanae, which startles her into letting out a shriek. Kyoko then says it wasn't sudden, she'd called Moko twice, and that Kanae was daydreaming. Someone then calls Kyoko, "Ah, found you! Heeeey, Ms. Mogamiiiiii! I've got a job for yooooooou!"[3] The ground is rumbling as these words read the two girls. Kyoko, along with Kanae, turn around to see Lory, who is dressed up as a pirate and is in a pirate ship inside the LME Building. Lory's usual tactics horrify Kanae and Kyoko.

At the Dark Moon set a group of on-lookers have gathered as close as they are allowed to get, discussing the cast and calling out to the actors they can see. An actor named Kijima Hidehito looks over at them, which makes them squeal. Kijima comments about them to Ren, who is taking it as par for the course. Kijima is not happy about it because there are some males among them. Ren laughs a little and tells Kijima that he hasn't changed. Kijima then looks like he just realized something. He says that when the story develops further, to the point that Mio becomes Mizuki's ally, there will be even more on-lookers, including guys for Mio and Mizuki.

Kijima then stops and thinks that maybe only Mizuki, played by Momose Itsumi, will get the guy on-lookers and not Mio. He mentions that Mizuki is more charming than Mio. Kijima then asks Ren if he knew Airi Oohara's phone number, to which Ren replies no. This shocks Kijima and he exclaims, "What?! You're her fiancé! Come on!", referring to their characters, Katsuki and Misao. Kijima then asks for Momose's phone number, which Ren once again won't give. This frustrates Kijima and he tells Ren that he is useless as ever.

Kijima then says he will just ask them himself. Kijima walks away and approaches Momose. Yashiro pops up beside Ren and describes Kijima as annoying as usual. Yashiro expresses surprise that Ren just laughs Kijima off even though he was belittling Kyoko. Ren says that Kijima did not mean anything by it and he doesn't mind. Ren puts his head down and remembers when he and Kyoko were in Karuizawa after Reino bothered Kyoko again. Ren then thinks that he doesn't expect for others to think Kyoko as charming, only he needs to understand her charms.

Ren thinks that just remembering it is stressful. He is proud of himself because he managed not to do anything at that time. Yashiro looks over at the suddenly noisy crowd and wonders if maybe Kijima did something. Yashiro and Ren go over and ask what the fuss is all about. Director Ogata is both excited and unnerved by amazing news that just came in. Director Ogata then gleams and says that Kuu Hizuri is coming back. This leaves Ren with a shocked expression. Director Ogata continues and says that Kuu is coming back next month, on the twelfth, to do some promotions for a movie. Kuu Hizuri, the Hollywood star who is the pride of Japan... the previous Katsuki... the actor Shuuhei Hozu!

Back at the LME Building Kyoko and Kanae also have shocked faces. Kyoko says, "No way! You want me to wait on a super V.I.P. like him?!"[4] Kyoko then reasons that normally, someone like Kuu Hizuri should have attendants. Lory then says it's because Kuu is not ordinary, which makes Kyoko worry even more. Lory then tells Kyoko that she shouldn't get all worked up, because technically, Kuu is her senpai, her senior from LME. If Kyoko just is herself, everything will go just fine.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Lory Takarada
  2. Kyoko Mogami
  3. Kanae Kotonami
  4. LME employee Kyoko brags to
  5. LME employees shocked by Lory's Pirate ship
  6. Onlookers at the Dark Moon set
  7. Hidehito Kijima
  8. Ren Tsuruga
  9. Airi Oohara
  10. Make-up Lady
  11. Dark Moon crew members
  12. Itsumi Momose
  13. Yukihito Yashiro
  14. Hiroaki Ogata


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