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Suddenly, a Love Story - The End
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Character/s in the cover Reino
Volume 17
Arc Suddenly, a Love Story arc
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Suddenly, a Love Story - The End is the 99th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Reino backs down after seeing a glimpse of Ren's history, wondering what's happening between him and Kyoko, and hoping to never again cross paths with someone so dangerous. Ren comforts Kyoko when she becomes distraught at the thought of Corn in pain back then and possibly now.

Chapter Summary

After a long, staring silence Reino finally addresses Ren. "Who are you? Ren Tsuruga. That's an assumed name, because you used to be a forei—"

Ren cuts Reino off before he can finish calling him a foreigner. Normally, people would say stage name, not assumed name, but yes Ren Tsuruga is his stage name. What of it? There are more important matters to discuss.

Reino asks if Ren means to talk with his fists? Ren answers no, as long as Reino promises to never go near Kyoko again. Reino agrees, stating he's more afraid of pain than dying, and tells Kyoko once again to get rid of that stone. As he walks away, Reino wonders what's going on between Kyoko and Ren, because Ren is the original owner of the stone and Kyoko has no idea.

Kyoko nervously thanks Ren, who wants to know what Reino told her to throw away. Kyoko would rather not talk about it, and Ren wonders aloud if he was mistaken thinking that Reino was her stalker since she's so eager to keep a secret like a friend. This thought of Ren's is reinforced by Reino addressing Kyoko familiarly when young Kyoko wouldn't even let Corn do that.

Kyoko chases after Ren, insisting she never gave permission for familiarity and that Reino has some sort of ESP. Ren scoffs and says she must be easily duped. Since most performers have stage names there was an even chance of Reino accurately guessing "Ren Tsuruga" to be one. Ren turns around when he realizes that Kyoko's stopped following him.

Kyoko says Ren's right, that there was a 50/50 chance guessing that the stone belonged to someone else before her, too. Maybe she was taken advantage of and tossed aside like a tattered rag because she's a stupid woman. She's worse than the dork and deserves to die. Kyoko would have to accept her own stupidity because she doesn't want to believe Reino at all—she doesn't want to believe that Corn is gone from the world.

Ren is stunned in more than one way and waits for Kyoko to explain.

"He told me that Corn was sad and suffering since he was a child, with emotions that an ordinary child wouldn't have. If he had continued with such feelings as he grew up, Corn would be insane or would have left the world."

Ren is shocked, and believes now that Reino is something different. Kyoko starts crying, distraught at the possibility that something's happened to Corn. Ren tries to tell her not to believe it, but Kyoko keeps bawling, remembering aloud how much Corn looked like he was hurting when he said he couldn't fly freely. She should have listened to Corn more back then, like he had listened to her! She apologizes repeatedly to Corn.

Ren comforts Kyoko, telling her that Corn is fine. He was a fairy prince, so of course he wouldn't be in this world. Ren holds Kyoko close. "Don't worry. Corn's grown up. He's grown wings. He's flying the skies." Kyoko hesitates before allowing herself to relax in Ren's embrace and accept his comfort.

Everyone's turning around at Reino's bizarre religious ringtone as he walks down the street, his cell phone going off. Vie Ghoul is being sent to record at a studio in New York. Miroku picks up on Reino's low mood and asks what happened. Reino says that a ferocious lion interfered when he tried to pick an apple. Reino says the lion only bared his fangs but didn't attack... though he's savage enough to be locked up in a cage. Miroku wants to know if Reino was looking into another person's pain again, but Reino says it flowed into him without warning, which will happen when someone has an especially dark past at a young age. That's why this lion is not only trouble but dangerous, and he doesn't want to ever cross paths with him again or see into the details of his past.

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