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Suddenly, a Love Story- Ending, Part 5
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 17
Arc Suddenly, a Love Story arc
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Suddenly, a Love Story- Ending, Part 5 is the 98th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


It's Kyoko's last day on Karuizawa. And then, she encounters Reino once again. Just what will happen now? Kyoko tries to use her "Corn" stone on Reino but apparantly, Reino have some spiritual powers and could sense who was the owner of the stone? Is Reino terrified of Ren!?

Chapter Summary

Kyoko is finished zipping with bag, Momose compliments her and tells that Kyoko did a great job packing all her souvenirs. Kyoko says she really likes that kind of work, cleaning. Momose thinks that Kyoko is so straightforward and cute.

After that, Kyoko tells Momose that she will meet Director Ogata on the lounge, she feels pretty great because she finished all Mio’s scenes and that is the day she’s returning back to Tokyo.

As she goes on the elevator, she reflects on how she encountered Sho on Karuizawa and how Reino stalked her. After walking out of the elevator, she meets Shoko Aki, Sho’s manager. Kyoko greets Shoko and asks her how is she doing, Shoko says Sho is busy on recording a new album and she is getting him a pack of fresh clothes. Kyoko thinks in his head that Sho is still stubborn as ever.

Shoko thanks Kyoko for taking care of Sho, which Kyoko denies. Kyoko says she understands Shoko apologizing to her, but not thanking her. Shoko insists, she tells Kyoko that because she was on Sho’s side, Sho was able to overcome his obstacle in Karuizawa.

Kyoko says Shoko over-exaggerate, and says that from childhood until now, Sho hasn’t accounted that much. Shoko didn’t say anything back and stares at Kyoko. Shoko then finally said something, she said that from that day on, Sho will get more fans on public and also behind-the-scenes. Shoko tells Kyoko to watch Sho’s growth.

After Shoko left, Kyoko is left standing next to the elevator, quite depressed. Kyoko insists she does not want to see Sho’s growth. She reflects on what Shoko told her and wonders what Sho is doing. Just then, Kyoko feels an ominous feeling, thinking something despicable is approaching.

Reino blows into Kyoko’s ears, which frightened her. Kyoko says that Reino is the despicable one. Reino greets Kyoko and says that it’s been four days since he last saw her. Kyoko then asks him “What’re doing, running around in the early morning?! What are you up to?! Don’t you hate mornings?!” Reino replies he does hate mornings, and wonders how did she know.

Kyoko asks him what is he doing, Reino is replying but Kyoko interrupts him, saying that he’s probably there to bully her and she expected it. Reino didn’t say anything, she stares at her and says that if she wants him to, then he will add it to his plans because it’s quite easy. This creeps Kyoko out and says she did not want that. She then asks him, “If you’re not here to bully me, then why are you here?”

People starts noticing the two fight, instantly recognizing Reino. Reino finally tells her the reason why he came for her, it’s because he wants to ‘capture’ her. Kyoko then answered ‘To take me to the demon world?’ a bit scared. Reino thinks that it’s again an unexpected answer from her and thinks that Kyoko’s brain circuit are not only twisted but she also have some dead brain cell, which are the ‘love relationship brain cells’.

Kyoko then tells Reino that he should go ahead and give her what he got and calls him a demon. Reino is quite surprised that Kyoko referred him as a ‘demon’. Reino then said that if Kyoko really want to start ‘here’ and ‘now’.

Kyoko then starts noticing other people watching them. People are speculating about Kyoko’s relationship with Reino, others wondering if they are having an argument whilst the rest taking pictures of Reino or wondering if the two of them are big stars.

The scene changes into a hand knocking a door. Momose opens the door just to see Ren. Ren greets Momose and she greets her back. Momose then asks if he is looking for Kyoko. Ren said he is, and asks Momose to call Kyoko for him. Momose then replied that Kyoko is not there, because she left to find Director Ogata. Ren then asks if Kyoko was by herself. Momose is quite surprised by this question.

Momose says that Kyoko did, Ren then remembered that Momose didn’t know about Reino stalking Kyoko. Ren gives Momose his gentenmanly smile and walks off, saying that he also ‘needs’ to talk to Director Ogata.

Ren walks furiously fast, worrying about Kyoko. He is mentally scolding Kyoko, telling her things that she knows that Reino is inside the hotel but why did she leave.

The scene goes back to Reino and Kyoko. Kyoko thinks it’s bad if she is photographed and when they finds out that she is the actress portraying Mio from Dark Moon. Kyoko leads Reino into a different location. Kyoko tells Reino to give him his best shot to herm oblivious about what Reino really meant.

Reino thinks that Kyoko chose a wrongly location so she could be alone with him and wonders if Kyoko forgot that he was planning on attacking her. Kyoko continues to tell Reino to give her his best shot then shows her Corn stone right in front Reino’s face. Kyoko calls her Corn stone “The Holy Demon-Slaying weapon”.

Kyoko waits for a while, but nothing happened. Reino took the stone off her and remarks that the stone doesn’t have a holy or magical power-like feeling. Reino looks into the stone intensely and gives it back to Kyoko.

Reino then states that the stone wasn't originally hers, which shocked Kyoko and wonders how Reino knew. Reino then tells Kyoko that the stone has a lot of memories from it’s last owners and Kyoko should throw it away. Kyoko refuses to throw it away. Reino says that the stone has too many negative emotions and it’s full of violent energy. He said that it’s so malicious so he threw it right away to her.

Kyoko then says that the reason the stone has violent energy is because of her. Reino argued that the little sadness Kyoko feels does not even compare to the stone’s last owner. Reino continues to shows his ability to see something from an object, he describes the stone’s last owner (Corn) has feelings of a child not from a normal family and states “If that person continued living that way, unable to escape his life, then by now, he is most likely broken or has already left on this world”

Reino is a bit shocked by Kyoko’s sudden silence. Kyoko says that he (Corn) was never in their world to begin with because he was a fairy. Reino then says that it will be better if she throws that away or get it purified. Reino tries to see the stone again, but Kyoko refuses to give it to him.

Reino tries to get the Corn stone from Kyoko and continues arguing with her, until it reached to the point that both of them are at the ground. Reino is on top of Kyoko while both of their hands onto each other, fighting each other. Their position was broken apart when someone squeezed Reino’s hands. Reino then again reads Ren’s past, finding out that he is Corn, the one who gave the purple crystal water stone to Kyoko and also how violent Ren is.

Reino then pulls his hands off Ren’s, looking a bit frightened and some sweat dripping off his face. Ren and Kyoko stares at each other wondering about Reino’s expression…

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