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Suddenly, a Love Story- Ending, Part 4
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Character/s in the cover Ren Tsuruga
Volume 17
Arc Suddenly, a Love Story arc
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Suddenly, a Love Story- Ending, Part 4 is the 97th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Ren tries to get a footing in his relationship with Kyoko. Reino isn't giving up yet.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko dreams of another encounter with Reino in which she's strong enough to hold him off because she has a holy amulet and an ally who is God's favorite. She opens her eyes to see God's favorite himself, Ren, watching her.

"Hello. Good timing. I was about to wake you up."

Kyoko is horrified to realize that she fell asleep (and Ren watched her face from below!) especially since Ren is the one who is feeling ill. Ren, who thought she was too cute to wake unnecessarily, tells Kyoko that he feels fine now, thanks to her, and they should head back.

Ren knows he doesn't mean as much to Kyoko as Sho does, but he has hope that he's become something more to her than just her senior. Then again, maybe he's imagining it, which could be a good thing because he'll end up wanting more from her.

Kyoko trips when getting out of the van because the hammer and clock she had strapped to her thigh fell off. Kyoko admits she has them in case she encounters her stalker again. She also shows Ren the jewelry pouch that she's keeping a holy amulet in, but won't let him look inside.

"I'll protect you. You don't need to carry all these things." Ren looks Kyoko right in the eyes. "Won't you depend on me?"

Kyoko protests that she doesn't have them because she believes Ren can't protect her; in fact, it's the opposite. She was scared until she found out Ren had arrived and her fears disappeared. If he is with her, she knows she won't lose against Vie Ghoul. Ren gives her courage and confidence.

Ren is very moved, but hides it.

Trailing behind him on the way back to the set, Kyoko opens the pouch to reveal the blue stone inside, which she feels will defeat Reino for sure because (remembering when Ren smiled and kissed it) it has Ren's dazzling magic.

Vie Ghoul finds out they've lost their spy. They ask Reino to find someone else connected to Sho who is psychologically weak, but Reino says there isn't. He's clearly not into chasing after Fuwa musically anymore. Apparently they only copied Fuwa in the first place because Miroku had special circumstances. Reino tells him that he has a personal grudge against Fuwa now, and he'll get him to suffer in his own way.

On set, Kyoko shudders at the sudden sensation of evil around her. Yashiro is probing Ren to find out what happened with Kyoko that he came out of the van much lighter of heart, but since Kyoko's acting normally it can't have been anything big. Yashiro accepts that Ren is making small and minute progress, but points out that since she's so inexperienced, Ren should easily be able to make her his with a little persuasion. Ren thinks to himself that her inexperience is exactly what made him stop in the van. He tells Yashiro that if he tried, she would kill him on the spot, and Yashiro realizes he's right.

Everyone has boarded the bus back to the hotel except for Kyoko. She's waiting with a smile for Ren to board first. Ren smiles back at her and knows that he is going to want more.

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