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Suddenly, a Love Story- Ending, Part 3
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Character/s in the cover Sho Fuwa
Volume 16
Arc Suddenly, a Love Story arc
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Suddenly, a Love Story- Ending, Part 3 is the 96th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Sho reclaims his recording session with talent and brilliance, coaxing the best from the band.

Kyoko and Ren aren't anywhere near ready for a blatant acknowledgement of their chemistry, but they find a way to take comfort in the other that soothes Ren's troubled heart and opens Kyoko's a little more.

Chapter Summary

Sho's song is remix of Vie Ghoul's debut single. . . and Vie Ghoul is not only upset by the metaphorical slap in the face, but that it's even better than the one they wrote. Worse, the second part of the song is a musical message informing Vie Ghoul that Sho is laughing at them [1]. The drummer, Miroku, is openly amused at Sho's method of picking a fight.

In Sho's studio session, it comes out that he can memorize a score after only hearing it once or twice, which is how it was so easy for him to rearrange Vie Ghoul's song. Wood Stick, along with Vie Ghoul's spy among them, are reluctantly impressed. Sho says he's ready to begin for real now, and asks everyone in the room to hand over their phones to Shoko. He intends to have them memorize what he plays without sheet music and rearrange it together.

The band's pride is hurt and they protest, asking for more time to figure out who the spy is. Sho refuses. While telling them that he doesn't trust any of them so he doesn't care who it actually is, Sho also manages to inspire them by expressing faith in their talents. All he wants from them is the best sound possible. Moved, they give up their cell phones, using their pride the way it was meant to be used. Sho is too cool.

Ogata runs away from the trailer Ren and Kyoko are in. He'd gone to get supplies and was shocked at what he'd seen them doing. Ogata is particularly confused because though he'd suspected Ren's feelings for Kyoko, he thought Kyoko was already in some sort of special relationship with Sho [2]. So whom does Kyoko really like?

In the van, Ren is lying down with his head on Kyoko's lap. She feels awkward since its the closest a man's face has ever been to her thighs, but she's doing it to help Ren feel better after making him ill at breakfast. Flashback shows us that Ren had actually been about to make a move on Kyoko, but her expression stopped him in his tracks and, flustered, he lied about needing her lap as a pillow to help him rest. Kyoko thought that for a moment Ren had slipped into his "King of the Night" mode and her hardened heart almost stopped. She feels foolish for being on guard against someone who is just ill. Ren's grateful that he stopped himself from doing and saying what he had been about to because it would have made her pull away from him, possibly for good.

Kyoko Ren sleep lap.jpg

Ren is feeling insignificant again when Kyoko places her hand on his forehead. She thinks he's asleep and she's checking for a fever and is relieved not to find one. She continues to stroke his hair, finding it too pleasant to stop. Ren allows the motion to soothe him and it successfully dissolves the heaviness in his heart. Together, both Kyoko and Ren fall asleep with his head on her lap and her hand on his hair.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


  1. This is clearly the intent, but I am unsure if a popular tune was utilized to get this across. If someone knows, please share!
  2. This is somewhat confusing, because it seemed as though Ogata has had his eye on Ren and Kyoko for awhile, having commented on it more than once in previous chapters.


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