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Suddenly, a Love Story- Ending, Part 2
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 16
Arc Suddenly, a Love Story arc
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Suddenly, a Love Story- Ending, Part 2 is the 95th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Sho starts phase one of setting up Vie Ghoul and reclaiming his stardom.

Ren is dealing with feeling insignificant after Sho's well-delivered challenge. Kyoko just wants to make him feel better.

Chapter Summary

Sho gives Shoko written pages of music and asks her to make copies and pass them to everyone. He tells her he's not concerned if Vie Ghoul gets their hands on it.

At lunchtime on the Dark Moon set, Ren immediately goes to his van to lie down. The female extras are disappointed not to spend time with him, especially after not knowing he was in the hotel the previous night. They're envious that Kyoko got to see him, as Ogata had asked him to be with her while all the other male cast and crew members weren't around. One of them claims that she'd willingly get stalked too if it meant alone time with Ren.

Yashiro is appalled and Kyoko turns into Mio on them to put them in their place. They sincerely apologize for their foolish comments and run off terrified. Yashiro is impressed, but Kyoko is saddened and reflects on how scared she was with both Reino pursuing her no matter where she ran and with Ren being so angry.

Lying down in one of the Dark Moon vans—which are like recreation vehicles on the inside—Ren feels defeated. He remembers being fired and thinks that Sho's triumphant face somehow brought his trauma back. Ren sits up, telling himself not to feel defeated before he's even begun to fight Sho for Kyoko's heart, but he feels like he's been made insignificant.

Kyoko bursts into the van, worried about Ren's health.

Vie Ghoul has Sho's new songs, but Reino isn't up to singing and has to communicate via text message.

Kyoko's wants to do her best to tend to Ren because Yashiro told her he was sick due to being forced to eat and she feels responsible. She makes him lie back down and crouches by his side, asking if there's anything she can do for him. Ren is still swimming in the way Sho made him feel insignificant, and he tells Kyoko that there is something she can do for him.

Sho's band and Vie Ghoul start rehearsing the new song and everyone but Sho becomes startled as they hear it play out.

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