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Suddenly, a Love Story- Ending, Part 1
Chapter 94.png
Character/s in the cover Ren Tsuruga and Sho Fuwa
Volume 16
Arc Suddenly, a Love Story arc
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Suddenly, a Love Story- Ending, Part 1 is the 94th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


The male combatants of this love triangle declare war while the female remains oblivious.

Chapter Summary

When Ren and Kyoko met the first time, she already had someone special. When they met the second time, Sho wasn't simply special to her anymore. He made her dive into the harsh world of show business, even though she had no interest in it. Despite the fact that they are in different fields and at different levels of success, their paths continue to cross from early on. It does seem like fate.

Ren won't have it. Whether their reunion is God's will or destiny, Ren will crush it.

Sho gets no further than "Kyoko, I li—" when Ren casually interrupts.

"Ms. Mogami, what are you doing in a place like this? There's only half an hour until shooting begins."

Kyoko is appalled that Ren found her alone with Sho and hopes it doesn't look like they were burying the hatchet. Then she's angry when she realizes that she almost missed breakfast due to him. Ren invites to her go along with him to breakfast, lying that he hadn't eaten yet and Yashiro forced him out of his room to get some.

Sho's wondering if this is for real or if Ren interrupted them on purpose. Ren greets Sho with friendliness, tipping the latter off that he's faking, and mimic's Kyoko's line from the beginning of the overheard conversation: he forgot to tell Sho something important.

Ren swings Kyoko around to put his arm around her waist and hold her against his side and thanks Sho from the bottom of his heart for saving her. Sho clearly gets the signal from Ren: this is my woman.

Kyoko, who admires and respects Ren, hates Sho, and knows that Sho has never liked Ren without even knowing him, breaks free in order to emphatically deny that Ren has any obligation to thank Sho whatsoever. Being her costar is not enough reason for someone like him to thank someone like that. Kyoko herself doesn't owe him anything because he was the reason she was put in danger in the first place. Kyoko continues to rant on this topic, blindly destroying Ren's stance of possessiveness. Sho sees clearly not only is Kyoko unaware of Ren's feelings for her, but, like when shouting at Reino in the woods, she's primarily obsessed with hating him. Sho clearly has a stronger hold on Kyoko than Ren.

Ren has no choice but to agree not to thank Sho and shrugs it off as nothing. In his mind, however, he admits that while predicting that Kyoko wouldn't get his declaration from what he'd done, he's wounded at her saying there's absolutely no obligation for him. Kyoko and Ren are about to leave for breakfast together when Kyoko turns back to Sho to make clear that she owes him nothing. Sho agrees: he knows she deliberately sought him out to tell him that she owes him nothing, and he'll agree that they're even. Kyoko's unsettled that he accepted it and didn't ask for anything to his advantage.

Sho thinks to himself that for now it doesn't matter what Kyoko feels because his existence inside of her is bigger than anyone else's, and though she doesn't know it, she did just give him a favor. Sho calls her name one more time...

The Dark Moon cast is on the bus from the hotel to their shooting location and Ren is pretending to be asleep. Yashiro plays bodyguard, but asks Ren what happened since breakfast to cause such a drastic change. Kyoko timidly apologizes for forcing him to eat breakfast when he was only going to drink a little. Yashiro can barely contain his amusement that Ren is ill from overeating. He offers Ren antacids. Ren wonders why Yashiro isn't rubbing it in and Yashiro merely says Ren must have eaten a second breakfast despite the consequences because there was something he didn't want to concede. He then asks if Ren succeeded in protecting what he wanted to protect and Ren answers that he doesn't know.

Flashback to why Sho called Kyoko back. "Kyoko, I won't let anyone make me feel defeated or hopeless anymore. I won't lose against anybody. In the future, the only person I'll concede defeat to is you, Kyoko."

Kyoko evilly accepts Sho's challenge to succeed, but Ren recognizes it for the declaration of love it was, and that Sho's challenge was actually thrown at him.

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