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Suddenly, a Love Story- ***Repeat
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 16
Arc Suddenly, a Love Story arc
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Suddenly, a Love Story- ***Repeat is the 92nd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko and Ren each worry that they've forever damaged their relationship. Fate makes them encounter each other by a river, just like when they first met as children.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko has a nightmare about Ren politely and succinctly putting her down for treating him like an outsider after all he'd done for her and telling her never to speak to him again. She frets that this is still a possibility. Normally when Ren is mad he slams the full force of his anger at her by holding eye-contact, but this time he turned away as though he couldn't look at her.

Kyoko tells herself she can't act defeated before Ren's even said anything to her. Glancing at the clock which reads 5:00am she has an idea on how to restore herself.

Feeling low, Ren is out for a morning stroll in the nature walks of Karuizawa. Some birds take flight at his approach and Ren equates this to the reaction he expects the next time he sees Kyoko. He knew that if he scared her she wouldn't open her heart to him again. When he heard about the incident from Yashiro, he knew that Kyoko must have been scared when she called him even though he was so far away. He was angry that she didn't tell him, though he understood why, and he was angry at himself for not pressing her to tell him then.

Kyoko is also out walking in the woods, since they remind her of her time with Corn. She feels like she's out among fairies and it brightens her mood as much as she expected it would. Though she is also saddened by the thought that even if she follows the river, Corn won't be there when she reaches the bank.

Kyoko pushes through the brush and comes face to face with Ren.

Kyoko is taken aback at how for a moment the morning light made Ren look just like Corn, then wonders why Ren would be there of all places. Ren is also taken off guard, but knows exactly why Kyoko would be there. Still staring at each other in mutual shock, they try to read the other's expression. Is he angry? Is she scared?

Ren tells himself not to screw up and to just treat her like he always does. Ren wishes Kyoko a good morning and she immediately thinks her dream is coming true. She says nothing, but thinks its better for him to say something nasty than turn from her like he did the night before. Her silence makes Ren worry that it's too late and Kyoko's already closed herself off from him. They both look at the ground.

"May I..."

Ren looks up, thinking he heard something, but maybe he imagined it. Kyoko is ever so slightly moving forward. "Yes?" he asks.

In a panic Kyoko yells clearly so Ren won't torture her by making her repeat herself, "May I join you?"

Ren sees in her expression that she's just as nervous about their relationship as he was. In his heart Ren tells her that he didn't mean to hurt her, that he was just mad at himself and didn't like that he lost against Fuwa. He just wanted to protect her. Aloud, Ren answers "Yes, of course. Of course, you are very welcome to."[1]

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


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