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Suddenly, a Love Story- **Repeat
Chapter 91.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami and Yukihito Yashiro
Volume 16
Arc Suddenly, a Love Story arc
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Suddenly, a Love Story- **Repeat is the 91st chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Sho is more than happy to rub it in Ren's face that not only has he caused people to worry by hiding Kyoko in his room while everyone's trying to look out for her, but he was also left out of the loop on the truth that Sho had to protect Kyoko from the stalker.

Chapter Summary

Ren is in shock at Sho's sudden appearance.

Itsumi is also there. She was worried when she couldn't find Kyoko and tried Sho first, then Ogata second, who told them Kyoko was with Ren.

Kyoko apologizes for disappearing without a word and making her worry. Yashiro also begs forgiveness since he was the one who stole her away. Sho points out that the real culprit is actually Ren, who invited Kyoko into his room in secret almost ruining the efforts of everyone who's trying to cover up the incident because Kyoko wanted to protect Mio's image.

Ren accepts responsibility and uses the super smile that both Yashiro and Kyoko know means he's extremely angry. Ren then sweetly asks for an explanation as to how an outsider like Sho knows about what happened that day.

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Sho takes advantage to lord over Ren that he, the lead star, isn't even in on what really happened, while Sho had a large role in protecting Kyoko from the stalker. Yashiro is now surprised, because he'd only been given the cover story. Kyoko tries to apologize and explain she'd been about to tell Ren everything before Sho and Itsumi arrived. Ren then reveals his true self by glaring with the full force of his anger at Sho and the others. Angry at himself, Ren drops his gaze and asks to be left alone, kicking everyone out of his hotel room.[1]

In Vie Ghoul's hotel room it is revealed that Reino told everyone he had collapsed from anemia, but the drummer suspects something happened when Reino sought out Kyoko.

Yashiro tries to comfort Kyoko that Ren will get over this quickly, but even he doesn't believe it.

Sho thinks over Ren's reaction to finding out Kyoko hadn't completely filled him in on the truth, and realizes that Ren must have feelings for Kyoko beyond that of colleagues which he is not happy about.

Meanwhile on his hotel balcony, a jealous Ren slams his fist down onto the railing, releasing his pent up anger and frustration at himself.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


  1. The background images make it seem as though everyone is huddled around the entrance to Ren's room, though it's unlikely this conversation would be happening in a hall where anyone could overhear.


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