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Suddenly, a Love Story- *Repeat
Chapter 90.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami and Yukihito Yashiro
Volume 15
Arc Suddenly, a Love Story arc
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Suddenly, a Love Story- *Repeat is the 90th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


A cover story is given to the Dark Moon cast and crew about what happened to Kyoko.

Ren secretly arrives early and is reunited with Kyoko in his hotel room.

Chapter Summary

At Kyoko's insistence the cover story for the cast and crew becomes that Kyoko was stalked by a random pervert and in her carelessness while hiding she fell and knocked herself unconscious. Ogata privately speaks with those who know that the stalker was actually Reino and informs them that Kyoko requests it be kept secret for privacy and protection against becoming media gossip fodder. The guy from the crew who fetched Kyoko in the first place is contrite.

Privately Kyoko wishes she could keep the stalker bit completely out of the story, but since she went missing after someone came looking for her and returned disheveled there's no hiding it.

After shooting is called done for the day, Ogata and Itsumi are worried about Kyoko's behavior since she seems to be out of focus and talking nonsense. In reality Kyoko's wondering what Sho meant when 10 minutes after chasing Reino he returned claiming to have settled things with him and that Reino won't talk. Ogata manages to make out Kyoko muttering "he'll come again for sure" and thinks of a way to cheer her. Ogata whispers in Kyoko's ear and she brightens.

"So you'll be alright," Ogata told her. "He'll be at the hotel for sure. Tsuruga will stay with you." Yashiro is waiting for her in the lobby to bring her to a specific room. The door opens and Kyoko smiles at Ren.

Ren is offering beverages, including a beer for Yashiro, who wasn't expecting to be invited to stay. Kyoko is nervous because its been awhile since she saw Ren. Yashiro agrees to the beer, but thinks he'll depart after drinking it down quickly. Ren opens the conversation. "A lot of things seemed to have happened today...I heard about it from Yashiro."

Yashiro grins and tells Kyoko that Ren sent him ahead because he was worried over how strangely she acted on the phone. This takes them both by surprise: Kyoko because she didn't think Ren knew, and Ren because he never said anything about it to Yashiro. Kyoko then realizes that Ren must be there early because of his worry over her, which means he must've done something with his other schedule. She frets over having caused such inconvenience to several people who are more senior than her, but then talks herself down that Ren's so professional he probably just finished early.

Ren's staring at Kyoko and accuses her of lying to him, since the stalker was already after her during the phone call. He then tells her he understands, that she didn't want to cause him to worry more but . . . there better not be anything else she's hiding.

Yashiro and Kyoko have twin moments of panic about the same thing, though with different reasons. Ren's eyes go wide at the two of them. Yashiro and Kyoko are locked in the same mindset on how to tell Ren that Sho Fuwa...

(Yashiro: is in town) (Kyoko: was the cause of her being targeted)

and Sho Fuwa...

(Yashiro: brought Kyoko back safely) (Kyoko: protected her from being kissed and protected Mio's image from being tarnished.)

But how can Kyoko tell him that the enemy she vowed revenge against saved her?

Ren asks Kyoko what she's hiding, but before she can answer there is loud banging on the door. Ren gets up to answer it. Kyoko resolves to tell Ren the exact truth, because she'd rather he heard it from her first. Ren opens the door and to his shock discovers the person who has been insistently banging is...

Sho Fuwa.

"Kyoko's here, right? Bring her out now."

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