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Suddenly, a Love Story- Refrain, Part 3
Chapter 89.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami, Sho Fuwa and Reino
Volume 15
Arc Suddenly, a Love Story arc
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Suddenly, a Love Story- Refrain, Part 3 is the 89th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Now that Ogata and Sho have caught up to Reino and Kyoko, the question becomes how to handle things from there.

Chapter Summary

Sho threatens to kill Reino and Ogata needs to intercept another attempted punch. Ogata tells him he'll be criticized for becoming violent no matter if it's for Kyoko; the best option is to file a report with the police.

Reino, now addressing Kyoko familiarly, states he doesn't care if they tell the police because the gossip would benefit them both. Though since Kyoko (whom he claims he couldn't even make himself kiss) is still a no-name, it'll be "Dark Moon's Mio raped by Vie Ghoul frontman in broad daylight."

Kyoko protests that she wasn't even close to being raped, not to forget Reino just claimed he couldn't even kiss her. Sho points out that her appearance—the ripped stockings and undone zipper—does make it look like she was assaulted. Reino agrees and taunts that the tabloids won't care and Kyoko will just become known as the woman he raped, whether true or not.

Angry, Ogata realizes that Reino's right and he probably planned it all along. He leaves it up to Kyoko whether she wants to go to the police. Kyoko decides not to, which incenses Sho. He yells at her to not let Reino win, that she can turn it around and use any gossip to sell her name. Kyoko reveals her real reason isn't her image, but her role. She's worked too hard on proud and untouchable Mio to have her tarnished before Dark Moon even starts airing. Reino casually starts to leave, but Sho calls him back. Reino promises to leak the story, since the role is so important to Kyoko, and force her to think of him all the time.

On set, Yashiro arrives, having been sent ahead by Ren. Ren didn't offer any explanations other than that he thought that something might be wrong, and Yashiro sees right through it. Not seeing Kyoko, he asks Itsumi and the girls where she is. Their awkward looks reveal something happened and when pressed they say that they don't actually know what happened.

On the grounds, Sho catches up to Reino and it's obvious which of the two of them is more physically fit. Sho wants to know why he's targeting Kyoko to get at him and Reino informs him that his objective is solely her now. Reino wants to make Kyoko carry a grudge against him because her hate will dominate her heart and mind and he'll take over Sho's place in it. He regrets that Sho couldn't see how majestic and alluring her soul is when she's worked up like she was about him. Reino wants her and knows that if she's polished just right she'll become a woman not just any guy can handle. In fact, he's the only one in the world who would be a match for her. Reino tells Sho to leave Kyoko in his hands; he's more than happy to take over responsibility for her.

After a knee to the stomach, Sho informs Reino that Kyoko's not a song and he would hardly let her go simply because Reino put his dirty fingers on her. On his knees, Reino asks Sho if he realizes that what he's just done will ruin Kyoko and her role, becoming violent means the public will find out. Sho's fist is still holding on to Reino's collar when he promises Reino that he can go to the police or the tabloids as long as he still has the strength to. For the first time, Reino looks scared.


It's Ren getting into a cab and asking to be brought to the airport.

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