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Suddenly, a Love Story- Refrain, Part 2
Chapter 88.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami and Sho Fuwa
Volume 15
Arc Suddenly, a Love Story arc
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Suddenly, a Love Story- Refrain, Part 2 is the 88th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


The race is on to find Kyoko and Reino, but what will happen or be revealed before Sho and Ogata get there?

Chapter Summary

Sho is rushing around the grounds outside the set location, desperate to find Kyoko.

Kyoko can't believe she would think of Sho for help.

Reino tells Kyoko that he can't wait to see Sho's reaction to seeing her completely torn and tattered—she's not a song that can be remade shiny and new once stolen and made worthless. Kyoko realizes that's why Sho is upset and working on a new song while recording: Vie Ghoul stole the music. Reino confirms this is true while unzipping the back of Kyoko's dress, and declares that it's Sho's own fault. If he hadn't wanted it stolen—Reino tightens his grip on Kyoko and tilts her head to the side—he shouldn't have fussed over it and just released it quickly.

Reino does something to the curve of Kyoko's neck with his mouth and Kyoko clutches at his arm in reaction. [1]

Sho is still running around looking for Kyoko while Kyoko is asking Reino if he has a grudge against Sho that he would go to such lengths. Reino, a little surprised, answers Kyoko that there's no grudge, simply the instructions of their company to outdo Sho Fuwa. His bandmates want to score a top recording label, but Reino's just having fun because he can't stand how cocky Sho is. He's trying to crack Sho's confidence—whether through business or private matters, Reino wants to humiliate him.

Breaking free from Reino

Kyoko is able to move again and breaks herself free from Reino in an explosion of dark aura. It's large enough for Sho to sense and he rushes toward it. He's on a patio atop the brick wall, one level up from the trees where Kyoko and Reino face off.

Kyoko is a glorious beauty of anger and hatred, which pleases Reino. Audible to Sho, Reino declares that no matter how she hates Sho, she can't forgive that her old friend was driven into a corner. Kyoko agrees, she won't forgive Sho for being driven from the #1 spot by a crappy musician like Reino; it angers her so much she's boiling. Reino, having meant his act is what was deplorable, is surprised that it's Sho, the victim, whom she's angry at. He then smirks, guessing that Kyoko idolizes him so much she doesn't want Sho to fall off her pedestal.

Kyoko declares loudly that Sho has to remain on the top because the first person to make him feel defeat and despair in show business has to be her. Sho, who has worked his way down a level, is stunned. Kyoko tells Reino that she will not concede Sho to someone who's just playing a game and declares that Sho is exclusively her prey.

Reino blinks and tells her carefully not to get so worked up. He's not trying to take Sho away from her and with a shrug promises to stop bullying Sho, which takes the wind out of her sails. Ogata finally catches up with Sho and together they eavesdrop on Reino and Kyoko. Reino says he'll stop harassing Sho and bully Kyoko instead. Kyoko is thrown for a loop and asks him what is there possibly to gain by bullying her?

Reino extends his hand and uses his psychic ability to freeze Kyoko again. Reino tells her that he wants to make her hate him as much as she hates Sho, so he can receive that passion she just revealed. Reino takes hold of her face and says he'll do his best to be more merciless than Sho and moves in to kiss her.

Sho throws a punch at Reino, which Ogata fails to stop. However, Reino himself blocked it and makes a snide remark about the hero coming the rescue. . . even if he looks more evil than the villain.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


  1. In the image, the hand Reino uses to tilt Kyoko's head is blocking what his mouth is actually doing. Readers can imagine more than one possibility, I'm sure. Which also leaves the meaning behind Kyoko's reaction open to interpretation, since Kyoko never reflects on that moment later.


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