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Suddenly, a Love Story- Refrain, Part 1
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Character/s in the cover N/A (Sho Fuwa)
Volume 15
Arc Suddenly, a Love Story arc
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Suddenly, a Love Story- Refrain, Part 1 is the 87th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Reino uses his psychic abilities to hunt and trap Kyoko. Both Sho and Ogata set out to save her.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko's a bit uneasy because of Sho's insistence she not wander. But she thinks that since no one is gossiping about having met Vie Ghoul, then Vie Ghoul can't have asked any of the cast or crew where the set location is. Kyoko thinks Reino would have to have ESP to find her.

Returning to the building, Ogata informs Kyoko that they're breaking for lunch and apologizes since she just finished getting into makeup and costume.

Still walking back from the set with Shoko and another coworker, Sho claims that he just needed a breather and that the new song is almost done. They overhear two girls on a bench talking about having just caught a glimpse of Reino from Vie Ghoul, and doesn't he seem a little bit like Sho Fuwa? They are startled when Sho leans between them from behind the bench, asking if they really just saw Reino and which way he went. They point toward the place where Dark Moon is shooting and Sho takes off running.

A crew member pulls Kyoko away from the cafeteria to tell her she's got a visitor. Kyoko grumpily thinks it's Sho again, but then freaks when the crew member comments she really tight with visual kei musicians if she knows Sho and Vie Ghoul. In the background we see through the window that Reino is holding one of Mio's props. Kyoko hides and tells the crew guy [1] that Reino is definitely not a friend but a terrifying stalker and he's to send him away. The crew member is confused, but he tells Reino that Kyoko went back to Tokyo. Reino's response is to shove his way into the building.

Kyoko runs for it, making sure she stays hidden. The crew guy tries to get Reino to leave but only ends up trailing him as Reino follows the path Kyoko took. Kyoko keeps going until she's stuck in a room. Kicking her slippers off, she leaves through a window.

Back at the cafeteria, Sho shows up panting, demanding to know where Kyoko is. Ogata informs him that she left to see a visitor, at which point the befuddled crew member joins them holding the slippers Kyoko had left behind. Hiding in the trees outside the building's brick wall, Kyoko stops to take a breather, checks over her ripped stockings and growls that Beagle will pay for it. Reino appears before her. "You called?"

The crew guy shows Sho and Ogata the room where he and Reino found the slippers and the window Reino went out through. Ogata wonders why Kyoko would have gone out the window and then Reino after her, but Sho is shoving himself through the window too before Ogata gets an answer. Ogata says something must be wrong, and the confused and nervous crew guy reports that Kyoko did say the Vie Ghoul guy was stalking her. Ogata is furious that this wasn't the first thing mentioned and that the crew guy did not go after Reino. Chastened, crew guy admits he didn't think a famous celebrity would do something like that.

In the woods, Reino says he's disappointed the chase is over already. Kyoko wants to know why he's after her and Reino says he already told her he'll take anything that Fuwa's. Furious, Kyoko declares that her life is her own and she's not Sho's sacrificing housemaid anymore. Reino claims he doesn't care what Sho thinks of her, which is something else he already told her. Reino grabs Kyoko and spins her upright so that she is caught against him, her back slamming into his chest.

Kyoko is frozen in place, unable to move. Reino declares that since she's not running, he'll begin the show. Kyoko remembers that the last time she was frozen in place by Reino, Sho bopped her on the head—and for a brief moment, both Kyoko and Sho are thinking of and mentally reaching out for each other.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Sho Fuwa
  2. Kyoko Mogami (Mio Hongo)
  3. Reino
  4. Hiroaki Ogata
  5. Shoko Aki
  6. Recording Crew Member
  7. Gossipy Fangirls
  8. Dark Moon crew guy who calls Kyoko over
  9. Itsumi Momose
  10. Dark Moon crew members


  1. If someone discovers this guy's name, please feel free to fill it in.


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