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Suddenly, a Love Story- Section B, Part 4
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 15
Arc Suddenly, a Love Story arc
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Suddenly, a Love Story- Section B, Part 4 is the 86th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko, Sho, Shoko, Itsumi, and Ren all worry... and with good reasons.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko's long silence unsettles Ren and he tries to get her to tell him what happened. Kyoko talks herself out of telling him everything since she doesn't want to worry him any more than she already has done. She claims bad reception to explain her silence and says everything is on schedule to start shooting tomorrow. She asks if that's why he called her.

Ren tells her he wasn't worried about her work, but yes he did call her. Kyoko says he worries too much. Watching, Itsumi is amused and happy for Kyoko that she's genuinely friends with Ren. Then Itsumi notices that Kyoko's hand is shaking. (See comments below.)

In his room Sho is thinking hard about the encounter in the hallway without giving Shoko any answers. He's noticed that Vie Ghoul isn't even trying to hide what they're doing to him and probably think that it'll help them sell even if it leaks. Sho scoffs at the thought of them expecting him to let himself be eaten. Which makes him think of Reino's comment about Kyoko being special whether she is Sho's or not.

Shoko is worried about him, especially since he's not working on the new song he'd earlier claimed he'd write despite the time constraints. Sho abruptly stands up and leaves, telling Shoko he's going to bed.

The next morning Kyoko is peaking around every corner, worrying Itsumi. Kyoko is on guard at the hotel, since that's the place she'll most likely run into Vie Ghoul. Despite this, Sho manages to sneak up on her, dropping a Japanese breakfast on her tray (Kyoko's favorite). Kyoko declares she wants a Western breakfast that morning, and immediately hides behind Sho when he says he sees Vie Ghoul. Smirking that he got Kyoko to take the breakfast and sit with him, he thinks to himself that Vie Ghoul wouldn't dine with the ordinary guests—even he usually wouldn't be there. Sho eating with Kyoko causes gossip about their relationship.

On the set location Kyoko is only partially done her makeup when she exasperatedly informs Itsumi that she's tired of people asking her whether she's dating Sho. They know each other and know things like food preferences about each other because they were childhood friends. Itsumi asks if that's why Sho's been on the set all morning while Kyoko's been in makeup.

Sho is writing in a garden when he's suddenly whacked hard in the head by a grudge Kyoko. Sho looks around and sees Kyoko-as-Mio approaching. Cue dumbfounded expression.

Kyoko yells at Sho for being there loafing around when he should be recording. Sho points out the music sheets he's working on.

Vie Ghoul hears from their spy that Sho's writing a new song. They laugh at what a futile effort that will be; they'll just steal it again. Reino, however, is thinking that Kyoko provides a far better opportunity to hurt Sho. He leaves, telling the band that he's off to find Red Riding Hood.

Back at the garden, Sho is telling Kyoko that she should be yelling at Ren for loafing around and not him since he's obviously sleeping in. Kyoko scoffs that Ren's not like him; he's at a job elsewhere. Sho's bothered by this, since he was actually depending on Ren's presence on set to protect Kyoko. Shoko shows up and shouts at Sho.

In Okinawa the modeling crew discuss how Ren isn't taking breaks because he asked for his schedule to be adjusted so that he can rejoin the Dark Moon cast as soon as possible.

Shoko points out to Sho that if he wants to write somewhere other than at the studio, it shouldn't be at a shoot where he'll inconvenience other professionals. Sho can't remain without revealing that he's there to play guardian angel over Kyoko, so he orders Kyoko not to wander from the set. Shoko is relieved she happened to find out from Kyoko during the bath where her shooting set was and is still a bit stunned that's where Sho turned out to be. Kyoko's angry at Sho's comment making sense. Sho calms himself with the knowledge that Reino doesn't know where the Dark Moon set is so he probably won't show up before Sho can return. However, Reino is waiting there unseen, watching Sho leave.

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