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Suddenly, a Love Story- Section B, Part 3
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 15
Arc Suddenly, a Love Story arc
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Suddenly, a Love Story- Section B, Part 3 is the 85th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Reino doesn't hesitate to make a move on Kyoko when he, the rest of the Vie Ghoul band, and Sho all cross paths outside the hotel baths. Kyoko has a reaction she doesn't expect.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko is excited to be in the baths, but gets uncomfortable when Shoko shows up. Shoko is friendly and we find out that she was an aspiring actress but recognized that her talents lay elsewhere. She confides in Kyoko some of her current stress in dealing with Sho, which includes realizing she doesn't understand him as well as she thought. Kyoko is at a loss.

Outside the baths Sho is waiting for Shoko to come back out when Vie Ghoul shows up. Sho can't help but laugh at the beagle joke again, especially now that he has visual fodder. Vie Ghoul is disappointed: is he just making fun of them? is he an idiot who doesn't get that they're after him? Sho senses they're mocking him and he gets irritated. During the glare fest, Reino's psychic ability allows him to sense Kyoko just before she emerges from the baths.

Kyoko is very unhappy to have left an uncomfortable situation with Shoko only to walk into an even more uncomfortable one. Reino greets her as though they'd seen each other earlier, which of course, he clarifies that they did, even if they hadn't spoken. With a dangerous attitude Reino flirts with her, even going so far as to touch her wet hair, and Kyoko is frozen in place. In a move that's childish but effective, Sho whomps Kyoko on the top of her head to turn her brain back on. They start quarreling with familiarity, which makes Vie Ghoul conclude that they're dating. Both immediately deny dating, explaining they've known each other for years. Kyoko takes it an angry step further and declares she would never enter any sort of romantic or infatuated relationship with Sho, which causes him to shut up awkwardly.

The drummer declares that's too bad, because if she had been Sho's girlfriend Reino would make her his, but since she's so plain she'd only be good for a slave. Evil Kyoko snakes slither out at Vie Ghoul, but immediately wither when Reino speaks. He declares it doesn't matter the nature of her connection to Sho, because Kyoko is special. There's a silence that follows this and we see that Shoko had emerged from the baths at some point during this conversation.

Kyoko rushes into the room she shares with Itsumi, who's concerned about her pale and flustered appearance. Kyoko is disturbed by how she froze up in front of Reino, even when he touched her, but she doesn't say anything to her roommate. Itsumi informs Kyoko that someone rang her cell several times. Kyoko checks and sees there are no messages and the Caller ID is blank. Realizing that something would have happened to her if Sho hadn't also been in the hall, Kyoko worries about what will happen the next time she sees Reino. Scared, Kyoko phones Ren, but can't say anything other than his name when he answers.

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