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Suddenly, a Love Story- Section B, Part 2
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Character/s in the cover Ren Tsuruga
Volume 14
Arc Suddenly, a Love Story arc
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Suddenly, a Love Story- Section B, Part 2 is the 84th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko never realizes how thoroughly she is on the minds of two of the men in her life. Now there is a third man paying attention to her, but something isn't quite trustworthy about him.

Chapter Summary

During the modeling shoot in Okinawa Ren is thinking about the "Prisoner" video and how he wouldn't have watched it if it weren't for Yashiro suggesting that Sho would've been moved by seeing Kyoko transformed. He admits that he's not sure if Sho's expression was just acting or genuine. He compares it to Sho's expression during the overheard conversation when he admits to not having intended to hurt Kyoko, and wonders if that was just guilt. Ren can't discount the possibility that Sho might really feel something for Kyoko now, and it upsets him that he would dare after the way he treated her.

Kyoko, left alone with Sho by Itsumi, marches Sho right back to the recording studio. Shoko is surprised to see Kyoko, but is grateful Sho's returned. Sho claims he was just taking a walk, but Kyoko knows better and declares that he was heading back to his room to drink, bathe, and watch TV. Shoko believes Kyoko.

Kyoko admonishes Sho for sulking just because the recording isn't going well and how that's just like him. She tells him it's because he's so soft that the beagles were able to get him. Sho stares at Kyoko for a long moment before he can't hold it in anymore and starts laughing at the mental image of Vie Ghoul that Kyoko just created for him. He has to lean against the wall for support. Shoko is surprised to see him laugh so hard and Kyoko tells him that this is nothing, if others weren't around he'd be rolling on the floor and banging his fist.

Shoko calls Kyoko amazing, that she cheered Sho up and even she can see that there are parts of Sho that he shows only to Kyoko. Kyoko leaves thinking to herself that she wasn't trying to cheer him, she was just put off by the bad work ethic. From across the way and behind some instruments on display Kyoko spots Vie Ghoul and now she knows why Sho was having trouble recording. She's aghast at their gall, but figures that they wouldn't be able to foot the bill to be there on their own, so their agency must be orchestrating it. She also determines that Vie Ghoul must have done something more than just show up to put Sho off from his work. Vie Ghoul's leader abruptly turns and looks straight at Kyoko. She skitters away and no one else in the band sees her. They compliment their leader's (a footnote finally tells us his name is Reino) psychic abilities.

Alone, Sho starts laughing all over again at Vie Ghoul being nothing more than beagles, and he does exactly what Kyoko said he would do if others weren't around. Sho's impressed that he can actually laugh so hard at a time like this and realizes he hadn't laughed like that since he lived with Kyoko. He thought that her older catering self was completely gone, but now she can amuse him without even trying.

Flashback reveals Shoko informing Sho that Vie Ghoul just finished recording a song that sounds exactly like the one they're still recording. Shoko suspects a spy, but there's no proof and they're about to look like copycats. Shoko wanted to change studios, and Sho thinks that he shouldn't have to be the one to leave with his tail stuck between his legs when they're the dogs. He remembers Kyoko calling him a coward and determines to outshine Vie Ghoul and show them what a real star is like.

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