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Suddenly, a Love Story- Section B
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 14
Arc Suddenly, a Love Story arc
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Suddenly, a Love Story- Section B is the 83rd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko's on her way to 5 days of shooting on location at Karuizawa, which seems to have some sort of reputation she's unaware of.

Chapter Summary

Let's take a brief time out to remind everyone that Ren is also a top model for famous clothing brand "R Mandy", or "Armandy" when spoken.[1]

Kyoko is packing for her on-location shoot. She realizes she almost didn't pack the blue stone. She remembers Ren kissing it before returning it to her and reassures herself that her heart is too fortified to let black magic through. Okami-san pays her a visit while she packs and asks where she's going and whether she's fallen in love with any of her coworkers. Kyoko laughs off the very idea, claiming not to be that stupid. Outside the room, Okami-san worries that it's not normal for a girl to be so against love but at least Taisho will be able to relax.

Kyoko will be at Karuizawa for 5 days for the shoot. She thinks Okami-san's question was odd, especially since she'll never fall in love again. Her cell phone rings and there's no caller ID, but she accurately guesses it's Ren. He apologizes for calling so late and Kyoko asks if something has happened, since she knows he's leaving for Okinawa the next morning even earlier than she's leaving for Karuizawa. Ren tells Kyoko that he's worried about her and asks if she's all ready for the trip, packed everything she needs. He also reminds her to remember that more people will recognize her as a celebrity now and she needs to not get carried away. Kyoko recognizes that she's being treated like a child, but somehow she just finds comfort in Ren worrying about her. Ren reminds her that he should be there by the 3rd day at the latest. They wish each other a good night and a successful shoot. Kyoko hangs up first and Ren holds on to his open phone staring straight ahead. . . at the "Prisoner" video, his gaze on angel Kyoko.

Kyoko arrives with the crew at Karuizawa and completely doesn't get the context of why everyone's excited to be there. Kyoko takes a moment to enjoy the sound of the wind blowing through the trees and how it reminds her of her secret place with Corn.

In Okinawa, Yashiro and Ren overhear two guys one table over talking about Kyoko. One of them was a fan enough of hers to have looked her up after the Curara commercial and continue his excitement after she was in Sho's video. Yashiro tries to goad Ren into being upset, but Ren is very practical about the fact that Kyoko will need fans to survive in show business. Yashiro begins to express doubt about Kyoko not ending up in a love affair, since she's going to be in Karuizawa. He wonders, without mentioning names, if there's any chance such a coincidence would bring "those two" together.

Itsumi and Kyoko are taking a stroll together, and Itsumi is talking about a renowned recording studio at the resort. Kyoko wonders why a famous person would be impressed by meeting another famous person, and Itsumi explains that when the celebrity is in a different field that you don't interact with every day it remains special. They both mention Ren, Kyoko in an example of someone who would be admired from a different field, and Itsumi in jealous admiration that he can excel in both acting and modeling. Kyoko recognizes again in Itsumi the desire to become Ren's equal in acting and she grabs the other girl's hand in comradeship. Itsumi looks stunned which confuses Kyoko until Itsumi tells her to turn around.

Kyoko turns around and locks gazes with an equally surprised Sho. Yashiro's words seem so much more significant: "those two must be bound by some sort of fate."[2]

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kyoko Mogami (Angel B video only)
  2. Ren Tsuruga
  3. Taisho's wife
  4. Taisho
  5. Dark Moon crew members
  6. Hiroaki Ogata
  7. Okinawa guys interested in Kyoko
  8. Yukihito Yashiro
  9. Itsumi Momose
  10. Wood Stick drummer
  11. Sho Fuwa (Demon video only)


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