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Suddenly, a Love Story- Section A, Part 3
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Character/s in the cover Sho Fuwa
Volume 14
Arc Suddenly, a Love Story arc
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Suddenly, a Love Story- Section A, Part 3 is the 82nd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Sho shows up at the set of Dark Moon to have a private talk with Kyoko and only Ren seems unfazed by this.

Chapter Summary

Everyone but Ren, Ogata, and Yashiro are gossiping about Kyoko now, wondering whether she and Sho are dating. Yashiro wants to vehemently deny it, but he loses focus when Ren departs to get into costume. Yashiro can't believe that Ren is playing it so cool when everyone else on set is in an uproar at Sho and Kyoko's mysterious tête-à-tête. Ren ignores Yashiro and walks toward the dressing rooms, but he stops and stares down the hall to the open doors at the back.

Kyoko fantasizes an old Western stand-off and is more than happy to have it out with Sho. Sho opens by saying he was interrupted the day before, and Kyoko is simply fuming that he would show up with no consideration of her schedule or her work. When Sho reaches into his inner coat pocket, she seriously considers that he may be pulling a weapon on her, only to have it turn out to be fancy ointment. Sho insists a stuntman told him its the best and tries to give it to her. She's at a total loss that a guy who grew up taking what was hers would now try to give her something. She refuses, and they have an amusing volley of throwing it back and forth at each other.

K: It's poison that'll ruin my skin!

S: Do you really think of me like that? Just take it.

K: No! I've already bought my own, do you think I'm stupid?

S: It's better than over-the-counter. Just use it!

K: No. I don't want it!

S: I bought this and brought it over for you myself!

K: I didn't ask for it! Do you think you're making up for what you did yesterday?

S: What if I am?

Kyoko, left holding the ointment, is stunned for a moment that he admitted it. Sho doesn't wait for her to express surprise. He tells her everything she said was accurate, and it really freaked him out to realize how fragile his position was and he was scared for the first time. He couldn't acknowledge it because it would be beneath "Sho Fuwa" to do that. Yet Kyoko saw right through his facade immediately and rubbed salt in his wounds. He got mad, but he didn't mean to hurt her. No matter the reason, he shouldn't have raised a hand against a woman. Sho thinks to himself about how uncomfortable his body feels after having caused damage to someone else's. It bothered him so much there wasn't room left to be upset about Vie Ghoul. Aloud he admits its the first time something he's done has left a bitter aftertaste. Kyoko is stunned into calling him "Shotaro."

Ren returns to Yashiro in costume and his manager is surprised Kyoko isn't with him. He was sure Ren would fetch her away from Sho. Then he gets really angry that Ren is being so blasé when Sho could be winning Kyoko back at that very moment. Kyoko shows up then, apologizing to all for having caused a fuss. Yashiro demands to know why Sho Fuwa came, but Kyoko brushes him off.

Later, deliberately left alone together in the waiting room by Yashiro, a costumed Kyoko asks Ren if he's angry. Ren says that he isn't, and inwardly Kyoko agrees, since her anger sensor isn't active, but she can't help but feel that something is up. She also wonders why Ren is the only one who hasn't asked about Sho. She'd rather he didn't ask because she doesn't like lying to him, and she's certain his demon lord would come out if he knew Sho had hit her. Sensing Kyoko's mood, Ren reassures her that he's not angry just before he's called onto set. Inwardly he wonders how Kyoko could tell that there are storming emotions in his heart.

Yashiro is upset that Ren didn't even bother to question Kyoko about Sho. Ren thinks to himself that he's barely holding onto his feelings and flashes back to eavesdropping on Sho admitting to hitting her. Ren knows that if he dared open his mouth to ask Kyoko about it, he wouldn't be able to hold back his feelings. He can picture Kyoko behaving fearful under cross-examination and knows that he'd never get her to open up her heart to him after that. So now Sho Fuwa's name is taboo to Ren as well.

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