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Suddenly, a Love Story- Section A, Part 2
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 14
Arc Suddenly, a Love Story arc
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Suddenly, a Love Story- Section A, Part 2 is the 81st chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko willingly seeks out Sho in order to confront him about Vie Ghoul, but her words hit a sore spot for Sho who lashes out physically at her. Being thrown out of TBM again, Kyoko receives a scolding from Sawara which Ren walks in on. She lies when asked about the cut on her face, not wanting to spoil the conversation with Ren by mentioning Sho. However when they reach the Dark Moon set, a certain individual is waiting there to confront Kyoko.

Chapter Summary

Sho asks Kyoko what's on her mind. Kyoko explains that she just finished doing a spot on Japonet Scope with Vie Ghoul, who were wearing costumes exactly like the one Sho debuted in. Sho gets angry that she'd show up to tell him something stupid like that; they're #1 so of course they'd get interviews.

Kyoko doesn't believe for a second that Sho thinks it's just "something stupid" that he was outsold by newcomers copying his style. Kyoko reveals that she's not even slightly OK with it (because it tramples on the goals she'd spent her entire life working on). Since Sho has more pride and passion as a musician than anyone there's no way he's not more angry than this; he must be hiding behind his pride. Shoko is stunned by this statement. Kyoko continues and tells Sho that hiding from the reality to avoid feeling unhappy is cowardly.

Kyoko calls Sho a coward for not standing up to VG's obvious copying

Sho begins to get angry, and makes Kyoko explain further how he is a coward. She gets in his face that some band is trying to steal his fans, and it's entirely the attitude of looking at it as "something stupid" that's causing him to lose against those clones and if he keeps it up, he won't be able to make his fans believe the real one is the best and he'll fail.

Enraged by Kyoko's accusations because they're true, without thinking Sho lashes out and backslaps her.

Sho backhands Kyoko on her left cheek, leaving a long cut. Shoko shouts his name in shock, but she isn't half as shocked as Sho is by his actions. He apologizes and starts reaching for Kyoko while asking if she's alright. Kyoko sends him a dark glare before he can touch her and Sho jumps back alarmed. Kyoko becomes enraged at Sho for wounding an actress's face and goes ballistic. Creating a huge amount of grudge spirits to pummel him with, she shouts at him for hitting her instead of focusing on whom he should really be angry at. She vows to scar his face, too. There are so many grudge spirits that they fill the room and are pushed through the cracks around the door and out into the hall—where one of them is seized and examined by the leader of Vie Ghoul.

A fellow band member can hear the fight going on in Sho's room and comments on it. The band leader agrees, still holding the grudge spirit. "She looks plain," he says, "but she's more fun than I'd thought." His bandmate realizes that he's caught hold of something the rest of them can't see again. He then says it scares him to see his band leader so interested in somebody for the first time.

Yashiro tries to convince Ren to watch Sho's PV for Kyoko is so beautiful in it.

Leaving the Dark Moon set, Yashiro tries to persuade Ren to watch Sho's PV and see how beautiful Kyoko is. Yashiro wonders aloud what Sho must have thought, seeing his childhood friend transformed in such a way. Considering he himself was shocked after only knowing Kyoko a little while, Sho must have been blown away. Yashiro wouldn't be surprised if Sho started looking more closely at Kyoko now. Ren is not happy to hear this.

The next day Kyoko is wearing a band-aid on her face and gets a scolding from Sawara. She'd been ejected by security the previous night, who hadn't believed that she wasn't just a rabid fan. Sawara wants to know why she always gets violent at TBM whenever Sho Fuwa is around.

Kyoko is at LME Office getting scolded when Ren turns up to and surprises her

Kyoko doesn't answer aloud because she's too busy mentally yelling at Sho for causing this by being too cowardly with those beagle guys. Ren arrives in Sawara's office just then, surprising Kyoko, to pick up something he'd asked for last minute the night before.

Ren asks about the bandaid on Kyoko's face.

They leave the office together and Ren asks why she was getting scolded. Kyoko plays down the truth and simply says she messed up at work the previous night. Ren asks about the band-aid and this time Kyoko outright lies, saying it was an accident.

During the ride to the Dark Moon set, she apologizes to Ren for getting her face hurt, but at least the scar makeup for Mio will cover it that day. Ren tells her not to blame herself. Kyoko regrets lying, but since this is the first time in awhile that she's seen Ren, she doesn't want it to turn sour.

Already at the set, Yashiro is incredibly distressed. Someone has shown up, promising not to interfere and that he'll merely wait. His presence is causing a bit of a commotion. No one knows why he is there, but Yashiro knows it can't be good.

Ren and Kyoko arrive together, greeting everyone and asking what's going on. Ogata expresses surprise at seeing them arrive together but glosses over it to tell Kyoko that someone is waiting for her. Ren and Kyoko turn around and both freeze in surprise as Sho makes his way over to them.

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