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Suddenly, a Love Story- Section A is the 80th chapter of the Skip Beat! Manga Series

Suddenly, a Love Story - Section A
Chapter 80.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 14
Arc Suddenly, a Love Story arc
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Getting some positive attention in the business from having appeared in Sho's video, Kyoko is asked to feature on a late-night show that keeps an eye out for newcomers with promise. It's a surprise for Kyoko to discover that Sho is there, but the real insults come from her co-guests, the band Vie Ghoul.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko had received a phone call at school from Sawara about being asked to be on the late-night TV show, Japonet Scope, which features up and coming talent. Kyoko is familiar with them since Sho was featured. Kyoko recalled her foolish past darkly, when she would record Sho's appearances and watch them repeatedly. The show has already featured Kanae after the Curara commercial. Her grudge-self is delighted to learn that the video with Sho has finally acted like a stepping stone in her career. Japonet Scope's talent scout, incidentally, gave a howl of delight when Sawara informed her that Kyoko was also the other girl in the Curara commercial.

Arriving for her spot on the show, running down the hall in excitement, Kyoko skids to a halt when she realizes she just passed something horrendous; a dressing room with Sho's name on it.

Kyoko notices something irritating; Sho's name on a dressing room.

She decides to pretend like she didn't see it, not wanting to spoil her good mood.

Meanwhile Sho is sitting on the window seat of his dressing room, dressed in extravagant garb and stomping his foot on the wall. His expression is dejected and he seems frustrated by something.

Sho is troubled by something.

Shoko, his manager, comes in to tell him it's time to go on set. She asks Sho if he's alright, clearly sensing something off about him, but Sho avoids answering and Shoko doesn't push for more.

In her own dressing room, Kyoko regrets that she wore simple clothes which she thought were appropriate attire for a newcomer, because she knows Sho will mock her for it. But due to all her jobs and paying for school, she doesn't have much money to spend on clothes — though she did buy some cheap cosmetics.  

Yashiro attempts to goad Ren into asking however Ren is immediately on guard.

Kyoko answers a knock on her door to a complete stranger who is dressed so outrageously that Kyoko guesses he isn't a crewman. He doesn't identify himself but expresses his disbelief that she's the beautiful angel from Sho Fuwa's music video and walks off. 

Back on the Dark Moon set the extras are excited to discover that the Kyoko they've been working with is the angel from Sho's video. Passing by, Ren and Yashiro overhear the gossip.

Yashiro tries to provoke Ren into asking him to explain what they are talking about. On guard, Ren quickly walks away while telling Yashiro to forget it. Meantime, out of earshot the gossiping girls express their unhappiness that Kyoko is friends with both Ren and Sho Fuwa. But one of them, Yoshiko, is over it because she has a new celeb crush, the leader of the band whose single went on sale the same day as Sho's "Prisoner," a band called Vie Ghoul.

Kyoko learns of the band that beat Sho to #1

At TBM, Kyoko is just learning who visited her room, and she can't help but equate the name with the word it sounds like: beagle.  The crew member who Kyoko's talking to is surprised that she hasn't heard of them already, since their single beat Sho's to #1.

Kyoko, seeing the band, finds it very obvious that they are deliberately copying Sho's style; with the risque see-through clothes to their demeanor too.

Kyoko noticing the distinct similarities of VG's style to Sho's.

The band is offended that she doesn't know who they are. They look down their noses at her saying it must be the make-up & special effects that made a plain girl like her look as beautiful as the angel in Sho's video.

Kyoko, surrounded in her grudges, confronts Sho.

The band walks off laughing while the leader gives her exactly the insult Kyoko had been fearing earlier from Sho: that she is plain and without appeal.

Kyoko is so angry that she's been insulted so many times, all because she appeared in Sho's video. Full of anger and grudge spirits, she knocks on Sho's dressing room door. Shoko and Sho almost don't recognize her due to the hair color change, but the dark aura surrounding her leaves no doubt to whom it is. Kyoko requests to have a word with Sho.

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