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Suddenly, a Love Story- Introduction
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 14
Arc Suddenly, a Love Story arc
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Suddenly, a Love Story- Introduction is the 79th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Ren and Kyoko are about to have a schedule that separates them, while Kyoko's increased attention in show business will reunite her with a certain childhood friend-turned-foe.

Chapter Summary

Dark Moon is still filming, and on a day that Ren is elsewhere, Kyoko joins Ogata for lunch. Itsumi is revealed to have been in a slump after Ren's acting test, but she bounced back from it. Kyoko tells Ogata she wondered if Itsumi felt inadequate next to Ren afterward. Ogata flashes back to his own conversation with Itsumi revealing this as accurate. Kyoko continues that Itsumi will become an even better actress because of it—as she wants to beat Ren. That is, to catch up with him and be as good as, but not defeat because you admire him.

Having long suspected that something was brewing between Ren and Kyoko, Ogata bluntly asks Kyoko if she likes him. Evil Kyoko aura emits, and Kyoko asks that he use the word "respect" instead. Ogata thinks that he won't ever understand girls. He changes the subject somewhat by talking of how Kyoko's and Ren's shooting schedules are about to diverge and how difficult scheduling's been. Kyoko is about to go on location herself in three days time.

Ogata is interrupted by someone mistaking him for his father and Kyoko is surprised to see Ogata hold it together. Ogata explains that ever since the moment Ren whispered in his ear (Chapter 57: The Scars of the Heart) that he and his father are not the same person, he's been lighter of heart. He'd long been lost and confused by being so similar to his father that he didn't know if his interests were really his own. Even his best friend Haruki Asami would comment on how alike he and his father were, so Ren's words really set Ogata free.

Kyoko is struck by how much this situation reminds her of Corn.

Ren plays the piano on a TV interview quite skillfully. It's revealed that he's a genius who can copy by sight, which is how he was able to play Neko Funjatta with Itsumi at first so poorly and then so well. Yashiro is still impressed though unsurprised how talented Ren is, but he tells him he needs to start excelling in his love life or someone will take Kyoko away. When Ren states the guy would have to be pretty tough to withstand her Yashiro is delighted he tricked Ren into admitting his feelings, but Ren quickly backpedals that he's just playing along out of weariness. Yashiro isn't fooled and asks if Ren's really not going to worry if someone else goes after Kyoko. Ren states that she would hardly be easy to get, considering she's the first Love Me section member.

On the set, Kyoko sneezes because she's being talked about, then tells Ogata she needs to be on her way to her next job.

Yashiro compliments him for realizing she's not going to become anyone else's girlfriend too soon. Ren, however, thinks to himself that there is one dark horse who can upset Kyoko's heart merely by having his name mentioned.

Shoko wakes Sho up to tell him they've arrived. . . Kyoko walks up to her job. . . at the TBM.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


"Suddenly, A Love Story" is the theme song for a Japanese TV drama Tokyo Love Story, which was based on a manga written by Fumi Saimon.


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