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The Fairy's Magic
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 13
Arc Dark Moon arc
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The Fairy's Magic is the 78th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


More of Kyoko and Ren's childhood encounter becomes revealed in a single, unbearably cute conversation that has Ren repeatedly unable to hold back his laughter. They each end up unwittingly weaving a little bit more of their own magic around the other.

Chapter Summary

The dialogue teases us quite a lot in wondering about Kyoko's childhood experience with Ren aka "Corn."

Kyoko figured Lory was giving Ren a hard time, so she thought of the stone to cheer him up when he came out. She tells Ren to look at it in the light, the same way he had told her years ago. When Kyoko catches Ren staring instead of copying she feels self-conscious, but in Ren's mind he was simply getting sentimental over the role reversal.

Kyoko reveals that she still genuinely believes that the stone is magic and Corn was the fairy prince who gave it to her. Ren can't hide his laughter very well, and Kyoko is put out. She insists that Corn is real, she even saw him fly once, just not very well since he hadn't grown into his wings yet.

"'Father's hands are too huge and I've never flown freely in the sky yet.'" Kyoko quotes Ren's old words back at him.

Ren begins to listen seriously as Kyoko unwittingly begins to restore his faith in himself. "Corn must be a fine grown up now. He must have beautiful shining wings... and he leaped over his father's hands easily. He's flying freely in the dazzling rainbow sky, more freely than anyone in the whole world... He was born with all that power. Now that he's grown-up, Corn can do it for sure!"

Ren stares in awe at Kyoko's faith, and he thanks her. He returns the stone to her and declines when Kyoko offers to let him hang on to it for a bit since Lory might say more harsh things. Ren thinks to himself that he has a much more reliable form of magic, that he'd first touched long ago. He remembers impressing Kyoko with his back flip (the aforementioned "flying") and her utter delight and faith then. Ren kisses the stone, thinking of Kyoko's faith as his warm and dear magic, and returns it to her with honest gratitude. Kyoko leaves him hanging, caught up in staring at him. Ren has to call her name to wake her out of it.  Kyoko realizes that she was afraid for a moment if that if she took the stone back she'd fall under an evil spell. She won't let anyone see how Ren's magic is working on her. They're only allowed to see his wild Katsuki make Dark Moon surpass the original Tsukigomori.

They go together to join the others for lunch; Yashiro's delighted and two female extras are dismayed to see Ren and Kyoko walking in together. With the Dark Moon crew gathered, Ogata enthusiastically tells them that at last they will be filming with Katsuki again. "Let's do our absolute best!" [1] The crew responds with an equally enthusiastic cheer. Ren joins in looking a bit abashed.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


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