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Access to the Blue
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 13
Arc Dark Moon arc
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Access to the Blue is the 77th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko tries to figure out her feelings for Ren. Lory reveals hints of Ren's past and then discovers just who it is Ren has fallen in love with. An unexpected, precious moment occurs between Ren and Kyoko.

Chapter Summary

Yashiro presses Kyoko to explain why she keeps overreacting to conversation involving Ren. Kyoko denies.

Itsumi's manager borrow's Yashiro's camcorder so that they can all watch the acting test. Seeing all the girls enthused about it makes Kyoko unhappy about everyone falling for Ren. She tries to pin which moment in the scene Itsumi fell for Ren and can only sympathize because she knows the power of both that smile and his wicked flirtation. Kyoko suddenly realizes that anyone would be flustered under those circumstances, so she no longer has to worry about her own heart being in danger due to what happened on Ren's kitchen floor. She would have reacted the same to anyone doing that to her. Besides, the beginning of love is something more sweet, not being stunned into a reaction. Kyoko is relieved that her heart is still safe.

Lory reveals that Ogata said he will use the improvised scene, despite it putting a time constriction on the movie. (Note: since the only recording was Yashiro's amateur one, I'm guessing that means they'll shoot it again?) All-knowing Lory then points out he's perfectly aware it was Ren's "old self" coming through as Katsuki. Ren is bothered, but Lory thinks it's a good thing, and a sign that Ren is starting to forgive himself a little.

Kyoko shows up in the parking lot, guessing accurately that Lory would be talking with Ren in a car. The limo itself is so opulent that there's no doubt it's the President's. Kyoko tells herself she's there to guide Ren to the location where everyone went to lunch, but she wavers uncertainly if she should linger or come back, since she doesn't know how long the conversation will be.

While complimenting Ren that bringing out his old self for Katsuki will be good rehab for him, Lory spots Kyoko awkwardly pacing outside. He's amused and then asks Ren if she's waiting for him. Ren's expression (though we don't get to see it) tips Lory off that Kyoko is the one he's in love with. Exasperated, Lory wonders if he likes hell that much he'd fall for someone who has sworn off love so badly he had to create the Love Me section for her. Ren tries to deny it, but Lory shoves a hand mirror in front of his face to show him how obvious it is. Looking (we still don't get to see), Ren thinks to himself that he couldn't help reacting when hearing she was waiting for him, because he's been wounded when she stepped back from him before he got called away to talk to Lory.

Out in the parking lot, Kyoko has a suddenly thought and runs.

Lory sighs that it makes sense Ren would fall for someone difficult to love because he still doesn't believe he has the right to be happy.

Ren is confused that Kyoko's not there when he gets out of the limo, but after a moment he sees her approaching. Kyoko asks Ren to give her his hand, specifically his palm. Kyoko carefully and sweetly places their blue stone onto it, much to Ren's shock.

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