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Love Phantom
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Character/s in the cover N/A (Ren Tsuruga and Itsumi Momose)
Volume 13
Arc Dark Moon arc
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Love Phantom is the 76th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Ren more than passes the test, he blows everyone away and wins a few more female hearts in the process.

Chapter Summary

Lory relaxes when Ren grins after the piano-playing is done.

Katsuki teases Mizuki and her playful physical counterplay causes them to tread on the broken teacup. Katsuki starts to pick it up, but Mizuki won't have a guest cleaning. There's a beat when everyone realizes Itsumi can choose to slide back into script and end the scene with her exit to make more tea. Itsumi cooperates. Once gone, Ren ad libs again, this time revealing the double meaning behind his "if you can catch me" line at the piano. Katsuki sighs and reveals he can't let her catch him. His face shows his attempt at pushing her away failed. The watching cast and crew are all in awe, and Kyoko feels relieved and proud.

Ogata calls the scene and Lory underplays letting Ren pass the test, which annoys Kyoko. Lory's next line is cryptic, that he seens Ren understands Katsuki with both his head and his heart. Kyoko and Yashiro are surprised that the president realized Ren's developed feelings for someone just by watching him act. Lory reveals how creepy it was that Ren manipulated Itsumi from the start just to show him how well he understand Katsuki's feelings. Kyoko knew Ren had planned ahead, but she hadn't realized that goading Itsumi before the test was part of it.

Ren apologizes to Itsumi by complimenting her talent and pride and being charming. Everyone witnesses the reluctant Itsumi melt. Lory thinks that Ren is a natural at breaking hearts like that, but he can't help it because of his parentage.

All the cast and crew are excited about Ren's Katsuki trumping the original, but Ren notices that Kyoko's head is bent and she looks introspective. He leans in to ask her what's wrong and is hurt when she steps away from him. He asks her why she moved away but before Kyoko can answer Ogata tells Ren that Lory is waiting to speak with him.

Everyone breaks for lunch and Kyoko thinks that there's no way she can tell Ren that she was envious of Itsumi. Ren complimented Itsumi's skill and Kyoko hopes Ren could compliment her own skill as an actress one day, but she doesn't want to ever act opposite him. With everyone saying—and Yashiro confirming—that Ren makes all his costars fall for him, she doesn't want to be lead into that trap. She already decided that she'll never let anyone sway her heart again. But even as she thinks this, Kyoko is remembering the previous night, with Ren grinning wickedly at her while they were on the floor together.

In Lory's limo, Lory accuses Ren of having become much more mild than how he was 5 years earlier.

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