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The Drama Trick
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 13
Arc Dark Moon arc
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The Drama Trick is the 74th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Ren continues improvising during his acting test and Itsumi struggles to keep up.

Chapter Summary

The Dark Moon crew are all impressed that Ren's revealed he's capable of acting with a dark side. The ever-observant Lory thinks deep thoughts.

Itsumi can't understand why Ren is forcing a scene that prevents her from acting like Mizuki and makes her silent (even though she's told herself she'd be nonverbal anyway out of spite).

Mizuki's back is turned and Katsuki allows the audience to see his regret at her pain, but also his determination to see it through.

Itsumi doesn't know what Ren's doing and gets put out that he's not creating a new line for her to respond to. She decides it must be because he doesn't know what to do next and she refuses to help him. Kyoko, however, can see that Ren's planned this out.

Katsuki once again claims to have just been joking around and offers to treat Mizuki's cut. In the script, the scene is supposed to end with Mizuki declining treatment and fetching tea. Itsumi is surprised Ren is wrapping it up already and refuses to cut the scene short. Still not saying anything, she marches toward the piano on the set. She decides to play a couple notes as a nonverbal way of demonstrating that her hand is fine. She chooses sad ones. Everyone is moved but Ren remains silent. Worried that he's at a loss, Istume looks up at her costar.

An expression of love is across Katsuki's face. Itsumi can't take it, flustered that he was looking at her that way the entire time.

Yashiro, who was recording the test on his private camcorder, thinks to himself that Ren's just made another costar fall for him with that look. He also thinks that Ren is pretending Itsumi is Kyoko to make an expression that powerful.

All the female extras are also feeling the effects. One of Kyoko's grudge spirits is completely impaled. Kyoko herself is wondering why he's giving a character he's supposed to be in love with the same heavenly smile Ren's given her from time to time. M...Maybe...MAYBE?!

Katuski asks Mizuki to go ahead and play a song on the piano. Itsumi is first angry with herself for answering when her character's name was called, then she's distraught because Ren knows she only can play a single song on the piano. She's figuring Ren knew she was trying to put him on the spot and instead did it to her first.

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